Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All I want for Christmas is a Pony!

I received a call from my neighbor that her friend was looking to have a face painted on a rocking horse.  I agreed to take a look and see if it was something I could do.  I really worry myself sick about custom orders because what one person likes another might not.  So I met with the lady and she gave me the color scheme and that it was for a little girl. 
Needless to say I was dreaming of horses and horse heads for the next few nights and how to do this and do it well.  My supportive husband would go around the house neighing at me.  Even though my dad keeps horses in his pasture I don't ride.  Having been bucked off to many times is not my idea of fun.
She came to pick it up and liked it!  YEA!
I then got a call from the gentleman that makes them and had one he needed painted for his 5th great-grand child.  The photo below is what he had in mind.  The color scheme was a bit different then I normally paint but I think it looks colorful enough for a little girl.

He had me paint her name on it and the year.  I hope that the two little girls like their Rocking Horses.
Custom orders make me think out side my box and I learn allot from doing them but don't sleep well until they are done and the customer likes it!


  1. i saw these in real life and they are simply amazing!

  2. Barb it's Awesome !!! Here what you are saying
    about Custom orders always worry if the person
    will want it...
    Be very proud of yourself great work of "art"

    Merry Christmas
    Trish ::)

  3. oh they are their curly manes.:)

  4. Those turned out so sweet Barb! Geat job on both!

  5. Barb, these are beautiful ... !!! xo HHL

  6. Barb, You did a really nice job on them. I know, I don't like custom orders, but then it challenges me. And I like to watch the face of the customer to see if they really like it. That's the true test if it passes muster!!!!
    Lois L.

  7. I don't know HOW you could doubt your work! They are so lovely and I know will be cherished by the little girls who recieve them!

  8. oh those are tooo cute! Love your blog barb! One of these days I'm going to tackle making a blog. You are very talented:) Julie primcountrycreations


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