Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Do they come in THREES?

I was so excited to post my front room being finished with pictures on the wall and new carpet and we were now living there watching TV and enjoying it but...
My husband commented on the ice cream being soft a few days ago so I figured with all the house rehab the poor refrigerator needed a good cleaning. 
Friday night we clean the thing inside and out.
Needless to say the under carriage and cooling elements were well insulated with dust "Rabbits".  Not a bunny in sight.
Feeling happy with our hard work we stared moving furniture and cleaning the front room where I proceed to brake one of my husband's favorite blown glass vases, crushed my Ukrainian hand painted egg, and drop a piece of plastic shattering it into a million and five pieces.
OK, that was three and I can never work for Molly Maid's--Thank Heavens!
We wake up the next day to a mess---I an sure you know of what I speak!
DEAD refrigerator.
Clean up the mess.
Put all the food into a smaller apartment size refrigerator.
Off to go buy a new one.

Found one I liked.  We measured so that it would fit into our space but I had no idea this thing was HUGE!!  Sticks out of the wall about 8 inches.  It looks like we have no food in it.
Of course this morning my kids complained that the milk was sour...after no refrigeration, then frozen in the little fridge, now to something that works we have had to throw out a bit of food.
And that is not cheap to do.
(I drank sour milk as a kid--my kids are apparently spoiled-rotten, like the milk!)
In the mean time our Microwave caught on fire--# two if you are all keeping track.
I am not sure what #3 will be and I hate to voice this out loud but my camera has been acting up.
Well, I needed therapy in a big way so I painted something one of my customers suggested and it was way out of my league.
So in celebration of not having a number three yet (it is around the corner) I am having a quick giveaway for this Owl and Acorn magnet.
Please leave a comment on this post only letting me know if you like it or what improvements I could make in the future on a design like this.
I will pick a winner on Monday, October 1st.
Open to USA and Canadian friends.
If you would like to spread the word I would appreciate it.
I am hoping today goes a bit smoother and I can actually paint for the up coming OFG Team Christmas and Winter Celebration starting on October 5th.  More info to come.
Enjoy your day!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Busy Week

 Some photos pretty--some not so pretty:
Front Room:
Front room finally painted now for carpet! 
Love trying to eat in the kitchen...a bit crazy and cluttered! 
FINALLY Carpet!!  Now to move all the furniture back...does this ever end? 
Hopefully this will happen this weekend!
While we are at it move all the furniture out of the basement area. 
Now take the upstairs carpet and put it in the living area of the basement.
This should make it a bit warmer down here during the winter!  Love the concrete and insulated wall look!
At least one room put back together...only to be remodeled in the near future.
So not a whole lot of time to paint and I wonder why my shoulder hurts?
The sweetest thing this week was I was featured on Maple Street Shoppe Blog by Kris.
I have been luck enough to get to know her through the OFG Team and she is delightful!
Thank you Kris for making my day so much brighter!!
Hopefully in the next post I can show you the finished front room--here's hoping!

Friday, September 14, 2012

I was the lucky winner of Suzan's Blog Country Crafting giveaway and look at all the goodies she sent me!  A basket full of sweet smelling soaps and candles plus this wonderful punch needle Pineapple.  I cannot even begin to think of the hours this took to create!
Just fabulous! Check out her Etsy Shop HERE make sure to check out her black cats!!
 Thank you Suzan!
The OFG WELCOME BACK MOM'S SALE is still going on.
So many fun creations and so many decisions to make for gift giving (or KEEPING for me) to be made!!
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I think we are finished...

These photos were taken a few days ago.  We had poured the cement in my dad's yard for the fence line and it was time to take down the forms.  My kids were taking out the screws in the top photo. 
This was the section that took two pours.  Lots of work!! 
This is my dad taking down the forms on the other section.
Still more work! Taking the forms in and putting up the fence.
And still more work.....yesterday we poured the last of the cement (a total of 3 huge pours) and now my folks can go on their vacation and not worry about the yard or at least the fence!
Needless to say I am tried today.  It was loads of work yesterday but we are done!!
So I plan on shopping today at the WELCOME BACK MOM'S SALE with the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team!  I already have a few ideas for Christmas gifts!
This is great for me because I tend to put that off until the very last minute!!
So I deserve a break today and a nap!
Enjoy your day,

Monday, September 10, 2012

Having a Sale!!

Now that autumn is around the corner, kids are in school (YEA) and the summer busy season is winding down it is time for Mom to do a bit of shopping!!!
The OFG Team wishes to Welcome You Back with a special coupon to use at all participating member's shops!! Please read the shop announcements for the coupon code specific to that shop or look for OFGWelcome for a 10% discount on your entire purchases.
The promotion runs from September 9th through September 16th.
To find members who are offering this special, simply type in OFGWelcome in the search box on Etsy, click on the item that appears and then check out their entire shop!
Use the same coupon with each of the participating shops to save even more!
Enjoy your time and browse your favorite shops and SAVE!!
Welcome Back Mom's!
Click Here to go to my shop.
Click Here to see a sample of the participating shops.
Enjoy your time shopping!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My First Fall Show

My first fall show of the season is at this fun barn in Kaysville, Utah.
I will be taking pretty much everything I own up there because as we all know painting this summer was a bit of a luxury.  Not a whole lot seems to have been done. 
But then I looked at my inventory and there was more than I thought.  I must have been painting in my sleep!!
If you are in the neighborhood and get a chance to visit this is a fun show!
I am headed up there now to set up.
Enjoy your day!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!!

Hard to believe this is the end of summer and another year soon to come to a close.
We will be taking down the forms from the cement pour at my dad's house on Friday then have a BBQ!
Hoping that your Labor Day is not filled with only "Labor" but FUN too!!
Enjoy your day!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pouring Cement and a Winner!

Talk about exhausted...yesterday we went to help my dad pour cement for a new fence line.
The city were he lives came in and put in a new sidewalk.  Because he owns water shares he had to put in a new culvert and headway for the water to irrigate his yard and garden.  This meant putting up a new fence.  It has been allot of work for him.
So a few of my family members, including my husband and myself, and a few neighbors helped him pour about 5 yards of cement for this fence.
Many hands do make light work but it was still a hard job.
No sooner do we get it poured and covered when the monsoon rains came belting down.
It rained off and on all night. 
It is either all or nothing in the desert!
I had my daughter pull a name out of the hat and I am a bit late in posting this but the winner of the Scarecrow magnet is Felicia of
Congratulations and I will get in contact with you for your address.
Thank you to all who follow my ramblings and entered this fun little giveaway!!
I think I will go to bed early up from yesterday!
Enjoy your Labor (with the emphasis on labor) Day!!