Saturday, January 28, 2012


I am no hand model but I do rely on my hand to paint!
Last night trying to get everyone out the door for Curling and Ice Skating I got my finger caught underneath the microwave and ripped half of my fingernail out of place-OOOOOOUCH.
I will not show you that photo.
So needless to say we ended up at the Doctor's office because the bottom part of the nail was on top of the cuticle.  They numbed the area then tried to push the nail back in place so that a new nail will follow the track and grow back in the right place.
It took two Nurse Practitioners about 6 times to try this and the Novocaine kept wearing off.  Can we all say THROBBING pain!!  Now I cannot get this wet for three to four days-yea no washing the dishes!!
By 10:30 we were finally home...the funniest part of all of this was that I was not charged money for the swear jar and just yesterday I received two huge custom orders!?!
Enjoy your weekend-I see sleep and a pain pill in mine.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tutorial on a Painter who tried to Sew

Let’s start with the tragic back story (as my kids say to me):
It is not that I don’t know how to sew, it is just an anxiety provoking reflex.
I took sewing in 4-H for about 10 years. Learned allot but did not like it at all.

I had painted this bunny on a huge barn wood frame but the frame had cracked and after trying many different things to fix the frame I came to the realization the it could not be fixed to my satisfaction. Barn wood is like that. So instead of throwing the painting in the trash I had an idea to make it more of a material wall hanging.
Out came the sewing machine…
Out came the ironing board…
Out came the swear jar-compliments of my kids…
The hard part was to try to get the painting off the frame with out destroying the black screen. That was a challenge.
Found some quilt batting and some material that was the right size.  Easy part done.
Next I decided to make my own bias tape. Had done that before in 4-H. I was not going to spend any money on this just encase I decided to throw it away.
Started to sew.  Added a casing on the back so that it could be hung by a dowel.  It did not go on as straight as I thought it would have been once the whole thing was done.  I even measured!?! 
The black screen is really heavy and the green material was fairly light so the machine (or may be it was me) was having a bit of a struggle.
Had to cut some of it down. Next came the bias tape. I was not sure how to do the corners. Called some folks that tried to explain to me how to do it.  Thought I knew what I was doing. Had to redo it a couple of times at the corners because I was not to happy about how it was looking.
Finally gave up and put it together the best I could.
Now the look on my husband’s face when he got home from work was priceless, the swear jar did not get completely filled up and boy did I learn allot!
Finished product…
Now I will need to cut a dowel and I think I will PAINT the round knobs orange.
I might try this again but not in the near future!
Enjoy your day,

Monday, January 23, 2012

Time to Celebrate!!

WOW, already toward the end of the month of January-amazing how time seems to slip away from me.
Well the reasons to celebrate:
  1. Over 200 followers!  Need to pay more attention...I blame teenagers.
  2. Have been featured on Screaming Sardine and Baskets by Rose.  Please stop by and read a bit more about my art.  Tracy at the Screaming Sardine has some fun questions that she asks!
  3. Started a Facebook page-not sure what I am doing there yet!  Click on the link at my side bar.
  4. It finally is snowing here!!  We need the moister come summer for our garden.  It really has been an odd year weather wise.  (Utah is the second driest state in the nation).
So on that note I am having a give away for the picture above.   Yes, I know it is closer to Valentine's and St. Pat's but who doesn't love a Snowman.  We have yet to have winter here so I am not so tired of it  yet.  Sorry to those who are longingly looking towards spring.  This picture is based on a Renee Mullin's pattern and measures 9x9 and has been painted on black screen with acrylic paint.  The snowflakes are metal and have been painted white with glittered applied.  It has been sealed and comes ready to hang.

RULES for this giveaway:
  1. Be a follower of this blog and new folks are always welcome!
  2. Must live in the USA or Canada-postal rates went up today. 
  3. Please click the link to "like" my Facebook page on my side bar.  It should take you right to my business page because my profile page is so boring I don't want you to have to suffer through that.
  4. Please post this give away to your sidebar and or actually blog about my giveaway.
  5. Please leave your comments on this post.
You may do as many of these as you would like and just let me know what you did.  This give away will end February 2, 2012.  As usual I will draw a name out of a hat because I have kids that think that is awesome!
Thank you to all of my great blog friends and hopefully many more to meet.
Good Luck!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

So Many Things to Talk About and Share!

Yesterday the computer and I went to blows...but hopefully we are now on speaking terms.  Then I find out that Walmart and Home Depot had computer problems all day.  Unable to do credit and debit card transactions.  What is in the air?
But the next few things are fun to discuss-GIVEAWAYS!!
The next few photos are about wonderful giveaways happening all over blog land.  Click on the photo and it will take you to the blog to sign up!  Some end pretty soon!
Firecracker Kid's Valentines Giveaway!
Choices at Vicky's Art Blog!
Wicked Queen Faerie's giveaway!
Rusty Thimble's giveaway!
Yorkie's Primitives fabulous hearts giveaway!
Cave Creek Primitives cute critter!
These are just a few check my side bar for more!! 
The Share the Love Celebrations continues on Etsy with the OFG.
Click the photo to see all the great creations!!
Enjoy your day and hopefully the computer and I will get along better today!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Share the Love Celebration with OFG

The Old Farmhouse Gathering is having a Celebration on Etsy!!
Share the Love!
Many talented artists have come together to create wonderful creations!
It is always so exciting to see what they have been up too.
I have had a sneak peek and I don't think you will be disappointed!
Click on the photo above to take you right to the page!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

End of an Era…

When I first stared tole painting in the late 1990’s The two huge craft supply stores were Provo Craft and Zim’s Craft Supply. Loads of great patterns and wood products. Every time I came to Salt Lake City from Las Vegas I would come armed with money and a huge list of items that folks in Vegas wanted me to pick up for them.
One summer I came up specifically to go to the tent sale outside the Provo Craft store in Provo. They would have a huge clearance sale every year to clear out inventory. It was a place for me to go "mental".
A number of years ago Provo Craft went out of business and converted their inventory to Robert’s Craft.  Still a great place to shop but not as much inventory.
Right after we moved to Utah I heard that Zim’s Craft Supply was going out of business. Needless to say I was there about every day for weeks just to make sure I had not left something behind that I would need. So now Zim’s is no longer there with all those fantastic Nutcrackers, sleds and fabulous different styles of wood, tin and other fun things to paint on.

So what brings me to all these memories? We were out doing errands and I remembered that Robert’s Craft was having a huge going out of business sale. So my husband stop and we walked into what I can only call "chaos". Millions of people with carts piled high with craft supplies. My husband thought it was hysterical “remember when you use to do that”?   Little did he know I had already been there and picked up the last of the brushes and paint that was available. This brought back good memories but it also made me sad. It will never be like it was when I first started to paint.

 I came home and started looking through all my boxes. I have so much stuff that I will never paint it all. Yes, we crafters are all the same so many ideas and never enough time. I decided to keep some of it and share some of it. I have set up an area in my Etsy shop for de-stashing.
Click here it see what I have listed so far. I am amazed at what I have been unearthing. My son asked if we were moving in or out? I am also amazed that I bought all this and have yet to paint any of it.
I blame teenagers.
Thank you for treading down memory lane with me today. I think instead of being sad I will start thinking of how best to paint some of this. That will cheer me up!!

Enjoy your day, 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meet Bob and Vicky's Art Giveaway!!

This post will be a bit scary at first but will have a happy ending:
First Scary:  Meet Bob!
I went to Parents day at my daughter's school and was "lucky" enough to go to her ceramics class.
The teacher let us parents play with clay!?!
So Bob was born, hatched, found under the patch-not quite sure.  We had 35 minutes to come up with something and never having worked with clay this was my creation. 
My daughter did the painting and the finishing so I think it looks pretty good after I left Bob to her care.
Still a bit scary so I think I will stick to painting!!
Now Happy ending: 
Vicky at Vicky's Art is having another fabulous give away.  The one thing about Vicky's Giveaways is that there are so many fun options to choose from.
My choice was this fun Valentine's day stacker.
I encourage every one to head over to Vicky's Art and pick your favorite.  This will end on January 25th and the way time is flying by that will be too soon!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Fun End to the Year-2011

I follow a blog call EHAG Emporium where every day is Halloween! (Love Halloween).
They were having a giveaway and naturally I signed up.  They have some fun and fabulous artists!! 
Well to end my year (2011) I was one of the WINNERS!  This sweet little Halloween Angel was what I won!  This is a design by Eleanor Burian-Mohr of Cornerstoregoddess
Look at how tiny and special this little angel is.  Photos never do the finished project justice!
Eleanor has a fun and fabulous blog called  The Charmed Life.
It has been so fun to get to know her artwork and her fun personality.
Check her out--she even has PENGUINS in her shop!!

The OFG White Sale is still in full swing check it out and see what fun creations they have for sale.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Christmas Story...

Yes, I know that Christmas is over but I wanted to share a story with you.
Every year I try to paint something special for my husband.  I had this huge box that measures 16 inches wide by 7 inches tall with a very decorative wood cut lid (actually it was one of my first seminar pieces that I tried to paint).  I did not like what was on it originally and sanded it off.
There it sat waiting for me to get some time to paint it.  This was the year!!!
This was also the year that I was a bit behind, so on top of the procrastination the light in my paint zone burned out.  No problems change the florescent bulb, right?  No the ballast was gone-whatever that is.  So now I have to ask my husband to change the light.  Which he doesn't think needs to be done right away because I am done painting or so he thinks. 
This was also the week of dark clouds, cold temperatures and no light into my work room.  The way our house faces I do not get a whole lot of light during the winter months.  Struggle to paint it not only without light but by now I need bi-focals for about everything.   Stressed!!  AAUGH ! 
Then there was the gold leafing I had everywhere.  I had only done that one time before so it was a mess and another huge learning curve.
I finally got it done including touching up the places I really messed up on and putting a sealer on it. 
My New Year's goal is to start his Christmas gift now so that I don't have to go through that again!! 
He never figured out my hiding place for it to dry-that place is now filled with chocolate!
I will go have some chocolate now!

Monday, January 2, 2012

January White Sale

The Old Farmhouse is hosting a January White Sale.
With the start of a new year now is a good time to clear out the old and bring in with the new.
I am offering a 10% discount on everything in my shop.
Type in WHITESALE to receive 10% off your purchase minus shipping.
Happy shopping and Enjoy!