Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!!

We were able to go to an air show at Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah on Saturday and we had a great time until it started to rain--hard.
My son is all about planes!  My husband was in the Air Force so we are use to seeing lots of different planes. 
These are some of the vintage planes that did loops and tricks.  I bet it was cold up there.  It was freezing on the ground.  In the mountains we even got snow!
This is a P-51 and and F-16 that flew right over our heads-perfect viewing!!  The P-51 is flying as fast as it can and the F-16 is flying as slow as it can without falling out of the sky.  To me that is remarkable how far technology has come.
This is a MIG-17 and was used in the Polish Air force before it was retired.  I love this plane.  Of course you cannot cheer for it in "Dogfights" since it is the enemies plane. 
We were there to see the Air Force Thunder Birds fly and do their routine but the weather became so bad that they were unable to fly.  I have seen them fly many times due to the fact that we were stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, NV.  But I felt bad for my son who was to young to remember seeing them fly.  My daughter would hear the loud noise and start screaming--she was louder then the planes. 
 It was always a hoot when the planes would fly really low on the base making a huge noise and then all the car alarms would go off!!  It is these small things for this mind to laugh at!
I hope we can take this day and remember those who have fought and died for our country!!
Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Two days in a row and I have been featured on great blogs!
Lynell at DragonFlyRidge honored me with a feature!

Please check out her great blog and also her fabulous jewelry on Etsy!
WOW!! My husband is standing here telling me to watch out when I go through the door way I might bump my head!
Thanks Lynell!

Remember the Old Farmhouse Gathering is still celebrating Summer!
Click the above photo to take you right to the wonderful creations!
Enjoy your day today-I will be floating around!

Monday, May 21, 2012

I have been Featured!

I have been featured at By Your Hands.
Bette contacted me about featuring my craft room(s). 
I was honored.  Deena and Bette do a wonderful job on this blog site. 
This is a wonderful blog full of tutorials, craft room designs, giveaways, last minute gift ideas, what you are creating...the list goes on.
If you haven't been there click HERE to go for a visit.
And notice at the bottom where it shows my unfinished basement there is an add for basement finishing!!  I had to giggle.  That will be a ways off for me!
Thanks Bette and Deena
Enjoy your day!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The OFG Team is at it Again!!

is under way and you will need to check out all the creative items that members of the team have come up with to help you celebrate Summer.  Click here to take you right to the Etsy pages or type in STCOFG in the search bar.
I will be sharing some of the wonderful creations here.  But I will start out with what I created for this celebration.
Some patriotic!
Some just fun...this reminds me of all the hours my cousins and I would spend on my Grands' Swing!
All the fun parades we go to in the summer time.  Our little city, here in Utah, puts on a Fabulous July 4th Parade!!  Even though it is held on the 3rd!!  Tons of candy, t-shirts, coupons for local businesses, and even my favorite the Chick-Fil-A Cow!  What a hoot!
What are your favorite things about summer?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Are We Moving....

Are we moving in or out...After almost 6 years in this house I haven't decided if we are going to live here or not. 
Being single for a number of years, and never living in the same place longer than one year, then marrying into the military it was never for sure you would be there long enough to unpack.
But the other day I was opening more boxes, figuring we will be here for awhile, when low and behold I found more painting and or crafting supplies. 
Are you all like me and if it is on sale one is never enough?!
And heaven forbid the company is going out of just never know!?!
This all might come in handy!
Because one is never enough and may be 24 or more is better I have come to the conclusion I have a problem.
"Hi, My name is Barb and I am a painting/craft supply addict!"
My plan is to list some of this on Etsy and try to paint some of it...really do you need more than 6-8-10?  And what was I thinking when I was buying porcelain bells and ornaments?  That takes a special set of nerves to paint on!
As sad as it has been to see some of the craft store in my area go out of business may be for me it is a blessing in disguise.
If you see anything you could use drop me a line.  Because I do have multiples of all of the above.
In the mean time I better get painting and/or listing some of these extras on Etsy.
I don't plan on looking in any more boxes for a little bit!
Enjoy your day!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


This art reminds me of all Mothers who Love with their Hearts and Work with their Hands.
I wish all of you the most wonderful Mother's Day!
It is a great day to honor all women whether they are mothers or not.
Women have the natural instinct to protect, nurture, and love.
So Happy Day to all Women!!
Enjoy your day,