Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

Chaos in Crafting

When I am getting ready for a craft show it is like a tornado hit the craft zone!
Things half painted, partially painted, some hanging on the walls, some inventoried, most not...I hate the paper work of inventory.
Basically CHAOS!
I have tried to enlist the help of the kids but as good as they are at helping around the house they do not enjoy doing inventory either.  So it is up to me.
So this is how the craft zone looks and my goal today is to finish up the art that is ready to be priced, inventory the lot, finish the frames that need to be painted, then start finishing up the 7 I have base coated! 
If I had workers that would do the inventory, cut and sand wood, base coat, did I mention do the inventory, set up...I would be so happy or would I?
Being the perfectionist type AA personality I would probably undo everything that was done and start again.
Maybe it is a good thing I am almost a one man show.
I do have to give my husband and dad credit for cutting wood and making frames for me.  These are things I don't necessarily know how or want to do.
Then my poor victimized husband helps me set up at shows.  Lucky for me because he has a good idea about arranging and displaying!
Thanks guys!!
My next show will be Simple Treasures in Farmington.  It always comes faster then I think and there is always so much more that I wanted done.  But I do have a bit of time.....
Enjoy your day!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Di Vinci: The Genius

Today the kid are out of school so we are off to see
Di Vinci:  The Genius
It is an exhibit at The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City.
These are images off the computer from different exhibits around the world.
I feel lucky that we have the ability to go see some of these thing right here in SLC!
It is a hands on type of exhibit and as many people know I have too touch and feel almost everything.
I think it is a "crafter's curse" least that is what my husband says! 
My camera is on the fritz so this will probably be as good as it gets for photos. 
Enjoy your day!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Last Day....

No, it is not the last day for everything just the last day of the Old Farmhouse Gathering's Christmas Winter Wonderland Celebration! 
The above picture was introduced later during the celebration because I was running behind.  
Which reminds me that if something sold or was added later you might not have seen everything that was offered.
Type in CWWOFG in the Etsy search bar for all the fabulous creations!
Or simple click HERE!

I am hoping to get some painting done today and through to Wednesday because kids are out of school on Thursday and Friday. We will be taking them to The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City to see Da Vinci: The Genius
My kids are excited!
Enjoy your day,

Monday, October 8, 2012

Scary...We have Halloween Decorations!

This is a shocker!!
We have Halloween decorations up before the last week!!
So this will be a PHOTO heavy post...because I am not sure this has ever happened.
My attempt to sew...I will stick to painting! 

Above is one of my very first things I ever tole painted.
Looking back I had no idea what I was getting into!! 
This one needs suckers attached where the holes are but that will not happen this year once again! 

We had to decorate around the Lego's! 


Every year this little prim pumpkin gets a make over...this year it is Harry Potter complete with scar taped on his head.  One day I am hoping to see him in his natural state!! 
Thanks to my kid's who are now old enough to remind me that October will be gone....can we get the decorations out before Thanksgiving?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Let the Celebration Begin!!

The Old Farmhouse GatheringTeam is having a Christmas and Winter Wonderland Celebration!
Type in CWWOFG in the search bar on Etsy to see all the fabulous creations or click on the image above to take you to that page. 
I had hoped to get four things completed before the celebration went live but only got these three things done.  So guess what I will be doing tonight!?! 
I have found it difficult to photograph red and purple.
Then again my poor camera is having just a few issues...yup, Christmas is right around the corner! 
Hope you all enjoy looking and or shopping through the celebration creations!
So many wonderful things to choose from!