Monday, April 28, 2014


Hanging LOVE Heart with White Ribbon, Yellow or Purple Flower, Mother's Day Gift, Heart Shaped Wood Cutout, Hand Painted,  Tole Painted
Really where does the time go....I am sure we all feel like this as Spring comes.  
There seems to be so much to do once the sun comes out and warms us up a bit, shaking off the winter's sleep.
Today has been cold and wet.  
We even had sunshine and snow at the same time. 
I was thinking it was the pollen off the cottonwood trees and as I was looking closer it all melted!
I LOVE the psychotic weather of April!?!
You never know quite what to wear.
I hope you all are safe with this wild weather.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Bunny Couple with Flowers, Spring Time Art, Tole Painted, Framed in Greens
Wishing you a joyful, peaceful, and restful Easter day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Tax Day!?!?

We have been busy here...Spring time and TAXES.  Trying to get the garden planted, yard work, spring cleaning in the house and taxes done.  I am sure you are all doing the same.
So the other day I figure since I HAD to go grocery shopping I deserved to have lunch.  It had to be quick! Off I went to one of my favorite drive-thru establishment complete with coupon! 
Place my order.  
Get to the window and have no dollar bills, thanks to CHILDREN
I could not put this on a card and be found out!
At the bottom of every woman's purse is change.  
The hunt begun.
Finally $5.40 quarters, nickles, and dimes later I got my food and my purse felt so much lighter!
Poor Service Girl!  
She was really sweet about it stating she understood about kids and money.
Then a couple of days later when I showed back up with a few handfuls of pennies she said "I remember YOU".
This time I had it all counted out but unfortunately for her she had to re-count it.  She was still very pleasant about the whole thing.
I think I will give her a break for awhile but next time I will put all the change in rolls.
No sooner do I do this and my husband asks, "What happen to all the change in my bowl?"
Found out anyway---should have just put it on a card!
Enjoy your day,

Friday, April 4, 2014

Do any of you remember....

Do any of you painters remember the fun wood shapes Provo Craft, Zims and Robert's Craft use to carry?
I was putting out Easter Decorations, yes I know a shocker, and came across these fun things I had painted years ago.
This bunny and carrot was one of my first class I took from Susan Van Alyne.
She happened to be living in Las Vegas and taught at the Leeward's down the street from where we were living.  I figured I was painting with a "BIG BRUSH" because she designed for Provo Craft.
The sweetest lady you could ever meet.
I loved her classes!!
It was a great break for me being a single mom at the time while my husband was deployed to the Middle East.
I think I got these little baskets in a swap from a painting buddy. 
 I painted them up for a gal to share with her family this Easter. 
 I remember standing outside the old Provo Craft store waiting for their HUGE sidewalk sale and about losing my mind hoping for all the great deals.  They never disappointed!
I had driven up from Vegas and the Van was packed full on my trip back.
This is were I got this sister's and I could decide if it was a bear, frog or what. 
 But just to be safe I bought a case of them.
Then when Zim's went out of business I was there buying cases of fun things.
Love this little witch!
Many things I have painted and sold over the years.
Bringing out the Easter Decorations took me down memory lane.
I wonder if we will ever see stores like that again?
Hope you have some good memories too!