Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter is really Here!!

I guess Winter is really here.  It seems that every where across the country it is so snowy and cold. 
A week ago we had a really wet snow here.  So I take my daughter to her friend's house and apparently hit a speed bump to hard that caused the serpentine belt to slip on my van.  So I lost the power steering in the car.  Because I had my slippers on I decided to risk driving the car home.  It took all of the muscles I had to drive that beast home in that deep snow.  In turn it packed tons of that wet snow under the car freezing the belt.  Then the temperature plummeted and it really got cold .  It took us (my husband) about 24 hours to thaw the car and remove all the snow from underneath so that he could get the belt loosened to put it back on again.
I felt bad and did sweep out about 2 inches of water from the garage but my slippers stayed dry!  Good thing I did not have to walk home in that storm. You think I would know better having lived in Alaska.
So I have decided to stay in and never leave my house until the thaw!  Well that wont work so I hope we all can stay warm and wear shoes out in the cold just in case you have to walk home!
Have a warm day!


  1. Hey Barb! It is a balmy 17 degrees here today.....wonderful day to just stay in and paint! Stay Warm!

  2. LOL Bard sounds like something I would do!! I always think oh I won't have to get out!! I am bad about not grabbing a heavy coat to wear as well. No snow here, It is COLD though...I am ready for spring, Stay warm

  3. Oh my gosh, I should not laugh but it is so much like something that I would do that I had to. Stay warm...I too would like to stay in until the thaw, but still have to work every day.


  4. The snow is gone but it is only 21 here. I am definitely staying inside. That sunshine is misleading. :+)
    It may not be politically correct but I got a big laugh out of your story.
    BTW~ I wore my slippers last night to the city council meeting. lol

  5. Happy new year Barb !! tha snow is finally gone here,,,,,,,love love Ria....xxxxxxxxx...........

  6. ok I wouldn´´t tell you how hot its is here... love the snowman..Hi there my friend.. hello from the heart of Buenos Aires!! I have missed your wondeful posts... I am finally at a hotel with great WIFI and no voltage converter for my lap top...but the hotel business centre is a little less busy today ..and so I don´´t feel guilty taking up computer time...Hope the new year has gotten off to a great start.. will catch up when I am back on North American soil... XO HHL

  7. So sorry about that! I've missed you at Jazzercise!

  8. Hi Barb! Yup it's cold here too only 8 degrees. We keep waking up to freezin Fog, looks like it snowed! I can't wait for spring! I love your little snowman! Take Care,


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