Friday, May 13, 2011

Mail Call

Look what came in the mail for me!!  This was a generous giveaway from lilraggedyangie.  She had pack the box with so many goods.  I am not sure which one will be my favorite or if they all will be.
Big decisions!

My son has already laid claim to the bird pillow.  Anything with a beak and it is his.

The workmanship is superior.  I was so lucky to be the winner!

I am so impressed with people that can take a photo of the package before they tear into it...apparently as you can tell I tore into it then thought of taking a photo of the box with the cute address labels but was to excited to get a good photo.  Had to go handle all the goods!
I guess it is true when my husband says "that a true crafter has to touch everything".
Check out her fun blog and meet Princess too!
Thank you so much for all the fabulous goodies lilraggedyangie!


  1. Beautiful things.......lovely

  2. Your Most Welcome Barb! Thanks for being such a great follower and for bein my blog buddy! Sounds like Im gonna have to make another bird pillow and send it your way ! lol kids are so funny ! lol I hope you enjoy them all! Have a great weekend! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  3. Hi, you got some great goodies from Angie. She is very generous and talented.

  4. Great box of goodies Barb! I know they would all be my favorites.LOl Hugs, Valerie

  5. Wow what a great giveaway package to recieve. I am just like you I tear into it then I think oh darn why did I not take a picture first. lol
    Enjoy all your beautiful gifts and thanks so much for the Birthday wishes for me. Those Birthdays come around too fast. lol
    Enjoy your week

  6. Good Morning, Barb,
    You a very lucky girl!

    Happy Saturday ~Natalie


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