Friday, July 29, 2011

TAXI SERVICE and Giveaways

Part of my summer includes being the taxi service for my kids.  July is notorious for tons of places to be and not enough time to get there.  So needless to say there is no time for painting.
One of the camps that my son goes to is at Camp Floyd. 
 This is a camp were they relive history that involves Johnston's Army coming to intercept a Mormon rebellion here in the Utah territory in the 1800's.
Once here there was no rebellion so the group stayed for three years and then were recalled to fight in the Civil War.
 Part of the fun is to see the boys re-enact battles of the Civil War.  They learn allot about that time period.  They even got to shot a musket and a cannon.
Some of the other things were to dip candles, learn about the education system during that time period, play old fashioned games, march, and pitch tents.
Brennan was a Corporal in the Union Army and his friend was a Corporal in the Confederate Army.
This taught them that friends and brothers fought against each other.

He had a great time and it was fun to watch history being replayed.

A quick reminder about the giveaways going on.  Mine is the Nativity Scene at the top of the page just click here to be taken to that page.
The other one is with the PAFA Team celebrating Christmas in July click here to go to that page.
It all comes to an end July 31st.
  I have one more week of camps.  My daughter will be headed to Wyoming to re-enact part of the Mormon Pioneer Trek.
Hopefully you all will find time to enjoy summer!
I hope I will too!


  1. Wow, Barb - your children are truly blessed to have those kind of opportunities!! We, of course, didn't/couldn't attend camps as children (unless you call our father's "workcamp" at the farm a "camp"!! ;o)) - but even now, there is nothing like that offered around here to my knowledge. Is there an age limit?? I wanna go! ;o) Have a great weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. That camp looks like so much fun.Bet the kids don't even think about the fact that they are learning history.I really enjoyed seeing the pics.Have a great weekend.Jen

  3. Now that's a neat way to get their history lessons. Hands on! It's nice that they're constantly learning important things.
    Take care and stay cool:)


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