Friday, March 9, 2012

Simple Shamrock "St. Patrick’s Day" Pin or Magnet Tutorial

Simple Shamrock "St. Patrick’s Day" Pin or Magnet Tutorial
There is no excuse because you forgot your green on St. Patty's Day!!
You will need:
One wood oval 1-¾”D x 3/16” T
Three ½ inch wood hearts
One ¼ inch wood ball or round gold rhinestone accent
Black sharpie marker
Orange Sharpie marker
Decoart Paint:
Light Buttermilk
Bright Green
Burnt Umber
Metallic Glorious Gold
Star lite topcoat glitter paint
Krylon Matte 1311 spray finish
Tacky glue
Pin back or magnet
Paint the oval Light Buttermilk front and back. Paint the hearts Bright Green front and sides only. Paint the ball Glorious Gold.
Lightly shade around the oval with Burnt Umber.
Glue the hearts into place like a clover. Draw a stem and paint it Bright Green. With a pencil lightly write on “Pinch Proof’.
Glue ball on top of the hearts or attach the gold rhinestone. Once dry use the Orange sharpie marker to outline the oval. Then with the black sharpie marker write in your wording and outline the hearts, the stem and the inside of the orange line work.
Erase all graphite lines, apply glitter paint to the clover. Let dry completely Spray with Krylon Matte Spray and let dry. Glue either your pin or magnet to the back.
This is the simple shamrock with a magnet glued on and the wood is one inch square.
Simple and easy little pin to wear so you don’t get pinched! Or a cute little gift to give.


  1. Great tutorial Barb! This looks easy enough for a beginner like me to paint. And I may even have everything too!


  2. That's so cute Barb and you make it look so easy!! Thank you for sharing with us how to do it~

  3. Sweet! I would have paint all over me hands. We'll be needing some green next weekend. Oh boy, daylight savings time tonight.

  4. Awwwh, this is the cutest pin. I could paint this myself, too.


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