Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tinder Box

Here in Utah, and across the west, we are having the worst fire history ever so the news tells us.
Last Friday I came up from the basement to take my daughter to a friend’s home and noticed huge plumes of smoke to the west of us.
It was a bit frightening because I know people that live in the canyon. Luckily it was extinguished fairly quickly but a few homes were lost. 
This photo is from outside my front door.
Then as we were headed to our little town’s parade on Tuesday night the mountains to the east were on fire.  You could see the flames and hot spots everywhere. By night fall the flames were something to see.  It must have been massive because we live on the south west end of the Salt Lake Valley and could see flames late into the night.
We are leaving our neighborhood to see the parade and this is our view. 
This is in the area that we go fishing and they had evacuated all the campers.
Bet they were not "Happy Campers" this 4th of July!
Needless to say there are  still a couple of huge fires to the south of us still raging on so the air conditions in these valleys are tragic.
We are coming to the monsoon season but with that comes dry winds and lighting.
So as the east is flooding the west is burning.
I am hoping for rain soon.  My hope is for all of us to be safe!


  1. I'm sorry Barb for your bad circumstances. I love the mountains of the west. It is so sad. Please stay safe.


  2. Very scary, Barb. Stay safe. We finally got rain this morning - hope it moves your way ~*~Lisa

  3. Oh scary... Praying for you and all your "neighbors" safety. We have not had our usual rain this summer but at least we have gotten some... Blessings, Traci

  4. On no! Praying all this ends.

  5. Hi Barb,

    Wow, I hope that the fires can be contained soon. I pray that the weather will co-operate and bring rain w/o the wind or the lightening.

    Been praying for rain for everyone the past few days. We finally got a little today. Was very refreshing but we need more.

    Please stay safe and cool.

    Take care, Janet W

  6. I'm so soory to read this. It's very scary.
    Hope some rain will reach you soon.
    Stay safe !

  7. My goodness Barb. From one extreme to another. I sure hope and pray for as good an outcome that can come from these fires. Thanks for letting us see what's going on your way. Stay safe.


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