Monday, March 26, 2012

Introducing Brenda of The Rusty Thimble

Introducing Brenda of The Rusty Thimble!
She is one very talented and generous person!
First in her own words read about her and her business:
1) Name of your business and how you got your name? Business name The Rusty Thimble.

2)How long have you been in business? I have been creating and selling for over 30 years, but have been under the name The Rusty Thimble for 3 years.
3)Who or what inspires you ? I get my inspiration from all sorts of places. Online browsing is so inspiring, just started using Pinterest, love to see others decor and style, and from there I just let my imagination do the work. And there are some wonderful pattern designers out there.

4)What is your creative style? primitive, country, folk art, all of these!
5)What medium do you use in creating? I sew my creations are made out of fabric, but I love to use vintage items in them, Quilts, old buttons, and lots of rusty stuff .
6)Where can we find you and your art? You can find me online here:

Now she is having two giveaways that end March 31st!  First this wonderful bunny click on the photo to take you there and sign up.
The second one  is here:

Her work is fabulous (Nothing Rusty about that Thimble) and like I said she is very generous with a giveaway almost every month!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

What I have been working on!

I thought I would share what I have been working on.  It is amazing when you have a deadline how fast time flies and how much you can get done when forced too.
These next few photos are large piece that I have painted for a local spring show.
I do not put them on Etsy due to the fact that they are large and I am not sure how to do the shipping.
I will take any advise you have on shipping if you ship large things!
This is a 27 x 5 inch piece inch of barn wood.  Love these stacked chickens!  The original design is by Rebecca Carter then I altered it.  It is hard to tell but the chickens looking down have eggs hanging around their necks. 
Patriotic chickens!  This frame measures 20 x 13 inches.  The original design is by Susan Jill Hall-love this one! 
Love this design by Cheri Saffiote.  The frame size is 26 x 16 inches and the pattern has been altered to fit into the screen. 
This design is a Shara Reiner's pattern and I have painted it big and small.  This frame size is 15 x 15 inches.  
I love this little guy and took him to show a gal and another gal bought it on the spot.  It is a Tami Rodke design.  I cannot remember the measurements. 
This pattern by Shara Reiner is large...the inset is 16 x 20 inches.  My dad had made this frame so that was more like a shadow box so the screen sits deeper.  This one sold fairly fast too.
I am lucky enough to have a good friend that allows me to put up a little display at her Jazzersize studio.  All the gals there give me great feed back.
I will be at the Simple Treasures Boutique at the Ogden's Union Train Depot.  I did this one last year and had a great time.  It was fun to walk around the Depot and look an all the displays from years past.
Got a few more things lined up to paint so I better get to it!
Enjoy your day,

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Friends are Flowers Giveaway!!

Just a quick reminder that the Friends are Flowers Giveaway ends March 24th.
Click on the photo above to take you there-leave a comment and add it to your favorite for your chance to win the whole treasury!!
Good Luck!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Here's hoping you get no pinches, get all the gold you will ever need, eat enough corned beef to last you a year and have some green frosted cookies!!
Enjoy your St. Patty's Day!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Friend are the Flower in Spring Treasury Giveaway

The Old Farmhouse Gathering is at it again with a Spring Giveaway!
Take a moment to comment on this wonderful Treasury and you my be the lucky winner of the whole giveaway treasury.
Click here to take you right to the page.
Read the rules and make a comment.
It ends March 24.
Good Luck!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Meet a Multi-Talented Artist!

Meet a very multi-talented Artist Donna of Countryside Cottage.  She has her hands into everything and it all looks so great!  She can do it with paint, fabric, floral...everything!!  Her talent amazes me.  so meet Donna!
1) Your first name and name of your business and how you got your business name?

Hi! I am Donna and Owner of Countryside Cottage. We live on a dead end road in the country, and out any window you see the countryside and I dream of having a little cottage out here to be my studio some day. So thus the name Countryside Cottage, it seemed to work!
2)How long have you been in business?

I have been in the craft business for 18 years. Been on Etsy since August 2010. Really got more serious with painting, the last couple years.
3)Who or what inspires you?

I'm inspired by the outdoors, other artist, books, craft magazines and spending way to much time in
Jo-Anns and Michaels.
4)What is your creative style, primitive, country, folk art?

My style I would have to say all the above, but as I evolve more as an artist myself, I am turning more to the primitive and folk art styles. I love the time worn look of the primitive style
5)What medium do you use in creating, clay, fabric, altered art, wood etc.?

I have used a variety of mediums such as fabric, acrylic paints, upcycled items.
6)What are your links?

Please visit Donna and find out for yourself how endless her talent is!