Thursday, March 28, 2013

How I spent last weekend...and trying to recover!

We offered our backyard for a Boy Scout camp out last Friday night. 
Since it was to be Scouting for food on Saturday we figure we would get a camp in and have all the boys here to go collect food.
Friday morning this is what we were putting tents up in. Perfect weather, right!?!
Then the sun came out and was out all day.  All was looking good or so we thought....
 This is what we woke up to the next morning!  
This is the point were I tell you I was snug as a bug in my bed!  
Thank Heavens.
 We had plenty of hot chocolate and a warm garage they could come in to so I think this was the reason the boys had fun.  
Now me and my house are still trying to recover!  
I thought it was Spring on Thursday--last week?
Today starts Spring Break for my kids...I hope we don't see anymore of this for awhile!
Hoping you are warming up were you are!


  1. YUCK, Barb! Spring Break starts tomorrow here. Looking for two 50 degree days and then they say more snow. Have a WARM day! ~*~Lisa

  2. They were probably snug in their sleeping bags too.....right.


  3. Oh my goodness, that must have been cold!! I don't even like to sleep in a tent when it's warm outside, I couldn't imagine doing this. They should get two badges for that. LOL!

  4. boys slept out in that...LOL. It makes me wish I was young again....LOL. :0)

  5. Oh my goodness... lol. That oughta put hair on their chests... lol. Really roughin' it, except for that hot chocolate :) I feel for ya, I did the boy scouts too, was a leader of a pack.

  6. Oh - the life of a Scout's Mother! Wait until you ae the
    GRANDMOTHER of a Scout....

  7. WOW it did snow. Well they are boy scouts so they can adapt to all kinds of weather. :)

  8. I can't imagine trying to camp in that! Heck, I can't imagine LIVING in that!!
    Glad your recovering well!


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