Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chickens Ahead...

 I am not sure why I have a fascination with chickens.
My grandparents had them when I was growing up. 
I remember gathering eggs occasionally but was scarred for life when my grandpa had to cut off the head of the chicken we had for dinner.  
Grandma kept telling me it was not the one that was was the one from the grocery. 
My son was asked to take care of our neighbor's chickens while they were on vacation.  The second day in he and his dad came home with a dead chicken.
We were not sure if it was the heat or being pecked to he, the animal lover has been scarred for life.  But the asking for chickens has some to a complete stop! 
I had a friend in Vegas who loved chickens and her kitchen was decorated so nicely with all manner of chickens. 
I think this is where I notice how colorful they could be and started looking at chickens in a new light. 
Now all these chickens are 15% off at my Etsy shop for Christmas in July. 
I will be having 15% off on everything in my shop.   So if Chickens are not your thing there is plenty of other things to choose from.
This is for everything in the shop but excludes shipping. 
Type in CIJ2013 to redeem your coupon at check out. 
I had no idea I had this many chickens---does this count for owning them but not having to feed or maintain them?  This works for me!!
Now GEESE they are a complete different critter and a story for another time....
Enjoy your day!


  1. My grandparents had chickens too!
    Your chickens make me smile!

  2. Cute! What a creative way to deal with the chicken issue. Enjoyed reading your stories.

  3. Lately, I have also begun to love chicken decor. Very nice items you have :)

  4. I love black hens & roosters Barb - your polka dot chickens rock the house! LOL love them! ~*~Lisa

  5. Oh how cute they all are Barb!! Love all the different ways you decorate w/them.


  6. OMGosh, now that's a chicken crossing for sure! I remember, as a child, my dad cutting a chicken's head off and that chicken got up and ran around the yard! What a scarey sight... lol.
    I love chickens too and you're so darn good at painting them :)


  7. Absolutely love the chickens. You are very talented!

  8. I love chickens also! All these here are great country kitchen decorating. :)

  9. LOVE your chickens, Barb! I'd rather paint them than own them!!

  10. Magic! So many different style chickens. You have talent on hand-made things.


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