Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vacation time...Warning photo heavy!

We decided to go to the four corners area of the Southwest.
Our trip started at Mesa Verde National Park in south west Colorado.
Having lived here before I was a bit excited for my kids to see this wonderful park. 
On our way to see the Long House on the West plateau of the Mesa. 
Perfect day!  This is a 90 minute tour and the Rangers were wonderful about telling us about the people that once lived here. 

Some of the ruins.  Wonderful to get so close and see these up close. 

The ladders we needed to climb to get to the different levels. 
 It is over 8000 feet here so if you are not use to the elevation it can really drain you fast. 
Of course the traveling penguin has to come with us...better then a ceramic gnome! 
This was the group before us at Cliff Palace.  I think this is the photo that is used the most when referring to Mesa Verde.  

Beautiful day...until we got caught in a monsoon rain down pour.
We had just barely started down the steps to Balcony House when it started to just pour rain!

We were drenched in 2 seconds and it rained a good 20 minutes.
The Ranger had us get under one of the stone alcoves to wait out the storm but a clap of thunder and lighting made her rethink our safety in that location so we had to move down the trail and away from the wall just in case it gave way.
My daughter thought this was the funnest things ever!!
I was standing by a lady from France when something above gave way and next thing I know we are being pelted by mud and rocks.  We were a muddy mess.
This was the most difficult hike in the park due to the elevation, the ladders to climb up to get to the next levels and the little 18 inch tunnel we had to go through.
This gave me a new appreciation for the Native people who called this home. 
It is a beautiful and amazing place. 
But once the rain stopped we were dried out in about 30 minutes just a bit muddy--red mud!
I will never get this out of our clothes! 
This is a new section they are doing some archaeological research in and the hike to this for the people doing the research looked a bit hair raising! 
We were able to spend two plus days here and did all the hikes and were able to see all the sites.
There was so much to see, do and learn here!
One of my most favorite National Parks!!
The after rain then dried out look...I am not sure how the penguin stayed so dry!
Hope you enjoyed this little adventure in photo form!
Thanks for stopping by and seeing some of the vacation photos--20 of 643!


  1. I enjoyed Mesa Verde too. Your pictures are so pretty. The rain storm looked like fun.


  2. Looks like everyone had fun! Thanks for posting all the pictures. Brought back memories of all the years we visited Mesa Verde when I lived down there. :)

  3. Barb, what a wonderful trip, I've always wanted to see Mesa Verde, it is definitely on my bucket list. Great pictures, can't wait to see the rest! Deb

  4. Whoa, that was wild and crazy getting caught in a monsoon! Your daughter sure was brave getting in that cubby hole like that. Wow, what an awesome sight. Those Indians must have been small in stature. Imagine them living like that... my goodness. Makes me feel so spoiled. Thanks for sharing sweetie :)


  5. What wonderful photos! Those rains sure can come up in a hurry. You still have smiles on your faces though...that's good! Hugs!

  6. LLove the pics. Looks like a great place to visit. It's amazing...looks like this great big rock over the village. Thanks for the pics, I'll probably never get there!!!

  7. Gosh, we haven't been that way since the kids were little, probably almost 20 years ago. I love Mesa Verde NP, Durango, the train and that whole area.


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