Tuesday, October 29, 2013

OK, did some one say technology? 
It was so quiet Friday I did not even miss the phone then come to find out it is dead.
 Out of a box in the garage comes this phone. 
My daughter HAD to called and tell me that "The 70's called and wanted their phone back." 
Of course she did not stop there because I had to now use my cell phone and she proceeded to say,
"The 90's also wants their phone back". 
This is the extent of our technology!! 
My son comes home from Scout camp and looked at the phone with a quizzical glance.
It rang and it was for his dad, so he asks me how do I get this phone to dad.
Me:  giggling said, "No, Your dad has to come to the phone!"
The look on his face was priceless!
Now the hunt for a new phone!

The Celebration has begun on Etsy for the Old Farmhouse Gathering team.
So many fun Hand Crafted creations for you to pick from.
Here are a couple more from my offerings. 

Type in WCCOFG in to Etsy's search bar to see all the creations!
Hope today will be a great day for you!

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  1. Hey as long as the phones work why not use them right. They're probably more dependable than newer ones anyway. LOL


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