Thursday, February 20, 2014

Getting ready for a Celebration

The Old Farmhouse Gathering Team will be having a New Beginnings Celebration starting next week!
It has felt great to paint and to be painting Spring related items.
Still feeling bad we did not get as much snow as we needed here.  Feeling worst for all the folks on the east coast that had more then their share and are still trying to dig out.
But here comes SPRING right?!
Here is a preview to what I came up with---and finished for the celebration!

Still have to finish up a couple of things and then let the celebration begin!
Let Spring Sprung!
While painting I am forever listing to e-books and the last book I listened too was not a WWII book--go figure.  
But I would highly recommend this book!
"Calling me Home" by Julie Kibler.
I am not a book review writer but it was a heart warming, heart jarring, stop and think about book.
If you get a chance to read or listen to it let me know what you think.
I am always up for good books to read or listen to so if you have any you would recommend let me know!
Now off to paint for a few minutes before the kids are home and I am bumped off the computer due to their homework!


  1. Love the pretty angel with the purple flowers. So sweet!

  2. That little angel is so pretty Barb

    Happy Spring


  3. I love that beautiful angel, too! And this looks like a book I would enjoy! Have a good day my friend! Hugs!

  4. Can't wait for the celebration and you are ahead of me Barb, I only have one picture to show! Love your new creations!

  5. Oh I love your new items for the Celebration. Looking forward to that starting :)


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