Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summer Brain.....

Is any one else suffering from "SUMMER BRAIN"?
Changes in routine throw me off big time.
So far we have missed piano lessons, been too early or too late to different events,
Have to be in two or more places at once, lack of communication with the car pool to Scout camp.
And the list goes on and I think you all get the picture!
This is what I call Summer Brain.
To many things to do with no routine to any of it so it seems to confusing to me.

But by far the most stressful thing to me is to have to feed and water our neighbor's chickens while they are away.
Last year on the second day of watching the critters one of the chickens up and dies.
Needless to say this devastated my son.
This year when they asked him to feed and water the chickens I suggested we sign a 'Hold Harmless" agreement....we all laughed.....
Then they added while you are there could you feed and water our turtle.
How hard could a turtle be to watch?
We let the critter out of his box to stretch his legs.
I left my son to watch him while I double checked the chickens.
I walk back and my son is standing in front of this dead tangled bush that is HUGE!
Then he says "The turtle escaped!"
I look at him blankly thinking and asking "HOW?"
 This lead to a 40 minute search, were we found him under all these dead tangled branches digging for his life to hide.  He is camouflaged so well the military would be jealous!
 I have the branches all pulled back, straining my back.  We finally see the turtle and my son refuses to "PICK UP OR DISTURB NATURES CRITTERS", as I am yelling it is a freaking PET!!! 
 Hurting my back in the bedlam.  It has been difficult to find a comfortable position. 
 *^%&* KIDS and TURTLE!
 (I must admit I was amazed to see how fast that turtle could move once he smelled freedom!)
I am hoping to survive summer--this is only the first full week into it.  
I am already wishing school would start soon, nothing like wishing your life away.
Please everyone have a nap for me!
Enjoy your day,


  1. LOL! Glad you found the turtle! And hope all the chickens survive. So far as missing appointments and double booking appointments, unfortunately mine isn't just limited to summer! hehe! We have one more week of school and then my summer starts. And then one more year of high school and my last is off to college! :'( Have a great summer, despite the summer brain! ~~Annie

  2. It looks like your hands are full!! I would love to feed and water the chickens, sounds like good ole fun to me, but the up and dying part? nah, not so fun. LOL
    As for summer heat, I find that when this time of year comes along, and for some reason it rears it's head this time every year, I get fried. Maybe it's due to the 107 degree heat, but I find it hard to think, let alone create anything. I hope your back heals quickly, but to me honest, you have me in stitches, sorry but it's funny!!!! Be well and enjoy, Char

  3. Hi Barb! Oh my, this sounds like my days when my kids were younguns. Not anymore though. Your day of quiet and calm is coming, hang in there ;)
    Neighbor's chickens are pretty and IMO turtles should be free.

  4. Hahaha - hope this week is calmer for you!

  5. Oh this is too funny Barb. I can see you out there under those bushes hunting for that turtle, LOL. sorry can't help myself. enjoy your summer.

  6. You are too funny!! I can just see you running around chasing chickens and turtles!! :) Hang in there....summer too will end. :)


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