Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Crazy Weather!

  I am not sure if I should be worried....
We have had record high temps the last few days.
I have had the windows open and the fans on!
I watch the news and see the East being pummeled with snow.
So for us in the West does this mean a COLD Spring or a unimaginable HOT Summer?
We did have snow on Christmas Day but really nothing to speak of since then.
Either way I am a bit worried!
I finally was able to complete a few custom orders.
I have been working on all different types of orders.
I love when I can paint Christmas and Halloween in February!

Wishing the Folks back East a safe time with all the snow.
Feel free to send some out our way!


  1. I know the weather has been really goofy all over. We are having the warmest and least snow on record up here! Love the paintings you did, but of course they are always nice. :)

  2. I know what you mean Barb, it is melting like crazy here and the birds are singing their little hearts out. Hoping that the other shoe is not going to drop and that we'll get winter back again! We have the wood stove going as it's not quite warm enough yet to be without it but have the windows open as it gets too hot inside the house when it's on! Love your new paintings!


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