Wednesday, August 26, 2015

So Long Summer?????

I do not think I have ever had a summer as busy as this one.
The roof.......
A HS graduation.
High Adventure Scout Camp.
Scout meetings--living in my car.
Hail storm...dead garden.
Scout meetings--living in my car.
One kid to Washington D.C. with the FCCLA.
Wisdom teeth out on a Kid.
Scout meetings--still living in my car.
Week long Scout Camp in the High Uintas.
One kid to St Louis to see sights and on to Michigan for a National Order of the Arrow Scouting Celebration of 150 years.
Recovering garden, producing what.....ZUCCHINI!
Painting for a show in September.
To Michigan to see family.
A stop in Kinkora, Canada to see where my husband's family had a homestead.  
We were able to see the wonderful old church and the grave yard.  
My husband's favorite place to hang out..."The Marble Forest" as he calls it!

Then to Niagara Falls!!!

Now home.
Cutting Barn wood!
 I have a Kid in College and a Kid in High School.
But the speed of life is still too quick for me.
  Scout meetings--living in my car still!!
We really need to go school shopping!!
And painting for the upcoming shows and celebrations!!
After reading this I could really use a NAP.
Hoping you are all doing well and not as busy!
Enjoy whatever speed it is going!!


  1. You really did pack a lot into the summer months! My youngest son and his family went to Niagara Falls this summer too. Did you see them? heeheehee! Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  2. WOW! You guys got around this Summer! Personally, I'm so ready to see summer go and take it's high degree temps with it! Thoroughly sick of the heat as our winter never came this last year. For Pete's sake....I need something else to complain about!

  3. Sounds like a very busy summer with lots of fun thrown in! I am not ready for summer to end!!

  4. Holy moly.....sounds like you had one busy summer lady!!! You need to stop and take a deep breath! LOL! Well since summer is about over you will be able to slow down now.....NOT! :)


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