Monday, June 28, 2010

Beautiful Photograph...elsewhere.

Looking around this here blog world I have come across some of the most beautiful photography I have ever seen. Puts my auto point and shoot to shame. But at this point I need not worry. I had diligently borrowed every digital photography for dummies (and senior dummies) books from the library when my camera up and dies. So in the process of finding out what was wrong with it I found that there had been a recall on my model 3 years ago…so much for registration! So my camera is in Indiana for repair, the books are due back at the library, and I am none the smarter about photography. But look at some of the bloggers I follow and you to will be inspired! So once my camera is back repaired (hopefully free of charge) I am going to get serious about photography!! In the mean time please enjoy the point and shoot versions.


  1. im all about the point and click!

  2. Ugh. My camera just up and quit a couple of days ago. I have my son taking it apart right now. Usually when he does that, puts the item back together - it works again. (Even though there are bound to be left over parts)

  3. I hope your camera works soon !! and i enjoy your blog......with pictures....hahahh!!

    happy evening......hugs from Ria....

  4. Good Luck on your camera. Would make me so so unhappy ;o(
    Hugs for a lovely day. xx


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