Thursday, July 1, 2010


I happened to be at a Provo craft store years ago when I saw that they were clearing out all these wood shapes. So thinking I could do something with them I bought cases of them and took them home to Las Vegas. Then they sat…were they bears? Were they aliens? What were they? (Think of naked wood critter holding a shovel.)  So there they sat in a closet.

(Thanks to Beth Ann for this photo)
Her blog is found here.

Then one day my husband said something about only being a second generation American. His family immigrating from Canada and I got it in my head that Canadians were called Frogs. ( I hope this doesn’t offend anyone and he happens to be Irish-Canadian). Then it hit me that these wood shapes were frogs or toads!  Because my family has been in America forever these toads became “Toad’ly American”.

I designed my first pattern for the wood shape and then for the framed black screen.  It was kind of a joke but not…anyway to make it even more interesting I was chosen to teach this pattern in the frame at a national painting convention. There in the front row of my class were about 6-7 Japanese women that had flown to this convention from Japan and spoke no English. I was a bit surprised but delighted that they were interested enough to take my class. I think they were there more for the technique then the actually pattern. They were all very sweet. I would love to know what they did with that art when they got home.
Next thing I know I am painting toads and flags every were!!

I then learned there were loads of people that love toads and frogs and got quite a few requests to do more designs hence the “Toad’ly” pattern series was born.  Please see them all at my Etsy store.

So to all the “Toad’ly Americans” have a safe and happy holiday!!


  1. you are toad'ly funny! love ya barb!

  2. Hahahahah this is fun !!!! happy 4 th of Ria......

  3. These are so cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)


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