Friday, October 22, 2010

Canyonland National Park-South end

We drove to the south end of Canyonlands National Park on our second day of break.  It is vast and beautiful country.  The landscape is so different in any direction that you look!  Hollywood has done allot of filming out here for westerns and outer space shows!


On the way to the Park is this little turn out that has some fantastic petroglyphs carved into the rock.  It is called Newspaper Rock and it is truly amazing.  It is Native American carvings on this rock that probably tell of were to hunt and what time of year to look for certain animals.

Some of the many views of Canyonland National Park.

This is a photo of Wooden Shoe arch and truly at the right angle it does look just like a giant wooden shoe.  Because the area is so remote you have to have certain permits to hike back into the back country.

This rock formation reminded my son of some character off of a video game that wears a helmet.  I, on the other hand, was amazed at the different colors and the balancing act it was doing.  Such beautiful country that the camera just does not do it justice.  But Enjoy!


  1. What a beautiful pictures again it !! happy Ria...

  2. This is a great national park! Our family loves visiting different ones, but we haven't seen this one yet. We've been to Zion and Bryce which we you've given us another place to visit!


    Punkin Seed Productions

  3. More great photos...and your commentary to go along with them is so interesting! We only did the north was great to see these shots...:)


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