Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Look at what I got!!

I participated in a pumpkin swap that the OFG group from Etsy was hosting. Thank you goes to Brenda of TheRustyThimble for organizing this swap.
My partner was Lucy of the Farmersattic.  It came during a huge rain storm here so I was glad I was home and heard the doorbell ring  when the post person left it on the porch!
Lucy is a fabulous seamstress and you should really check out her Etsy shop!  I just love her work!  At this time I love her A's, B's and Dandelion Seeds quilt as one of my favorites.
Lucy sent me a wonderful fall sewing kit.  The kit had beautiful fall leaves appliqued on it and the fabric colors where gorgeous.  It also had an area for pins, small scissors, pockets and a pen.  She also sent Carmel apples (which my kids were not to happy about because they are not edible), waxed corn and potpourri  which will be great to decorate with. 
She included three recipes cards also.  The recipes look great and I can't wait to try the pumpkin crisp one since I have a little boy who is all about eating pumpkin.
Thank You so much Lucy!


  1. Very nice goodies you received Barb.


  2. WOW!!
    What fabulous fall goodies.
    I Love swaps!!

  3. What a beautiful gift you have darling......lots of love from me Ria...

  4. Wonderful things you received from Lucy! Love, love that waxed corn, and those apples! Lots of goodies you received...:)

  5. Wow, what great goodies!! Those candy apples could fool anyone! They look yummy!!

  6. WOW!!! You made out like a bandit!!!

  7. Now those are my kinda goodies... the kind you can't gain weight with:) SwEEt!

  8. Thank you so much Barb for the write-up today!!! I am humbled. So glad you are enjoying your swap. I see the Painted Scarecrow that I received as soon as I walk in my kitchen door. You are truly talented.

    Don't you love how everyone's differences is what makes the world a better place. You don't sew and Lord knows you don't want me to paint :)

    Thanks again for your wonderful words!


  9. I wouldn't have been mad that the apples weren't edible but I would have been really disappointed...they sure look good enough to eat! Everything is just great, I know you must be thrilled!

  10. Wonderful goodies!!! I will have to check out the waxed corn! Have fun decorating with all your goodies!

  11. OH you lucky girl! What a lot of goodies Lucy sent!


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