Saturday, October 30, 2010

Give aways!!

A fun give away from ByYour Hands Blog.
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And just a reminder about Old Farm House Gatherings Santa bag full of goods.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Canyonlands and Capital Reef National Parks

 Wonderful view from the north end of Canyonlands National Park.   This area is called Island in the Sky. 

We then drove to Capital Reef National Park and it was amazing to see how much the rock and terrain changed during that drive!  I need to go back and take more time at this National park.  Early settlers had put in huge orchards and had made a small community here.  They left it right after WWII but all the fruit trees remain as well as some of the old homes and an old school house.  They were people that were use to the sea so allot of their names for things referred back to the sea.

Below is Capital Dome and was reminiscent of the Capital building of the our Nation.  So the National Park was named Capital Reef in honor of the Nation's capital and the "reef " that the sea loving  people who settled this land would refer to the landscape. 

Snow already in these mountains and on our drive home more rain!!
I guess the tour of the National Parks is now concluded and it is back to work for me.  I hope you enjoyed just a few of the many photos and the great views!!
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Canyonland National Park-South end

We drove to the south end of Canyonlands National Park on our second day of break.  It is vast and beautiful country.  The landscape is so different in any direction that you look!  Hollywood has done allot of filming out here for westerns and outer space shows!


On the way to the Park is this little turn out that has some fantastic petroglyphs carved into the rock.  It is called Newspaper Rock and it is truly amazing.  It is Native American carvings on this rock that probably tell of were to hunt and what time of year to look for certain animals.

Some of the many views of Canyonland National Park.

This is a photo of Wooden Shoe arch and truly at the right angle it does look just like a giant wooden shoe.  Because the area is so remote you have to have certain permits to hike back into the back country.

This rock formation reminded my son of some character off of a video game that wears a helmet.  I, on the other hand, was amazed at the different colors and the balancing act it was doing.  Such beautiful country that the camera just does not do it justice.  But Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We Took a Break!

 We took a break and went to Moab, Utah the jumping off place to see Arches National Park and also Canyonlands National Park.  We had beautiful weather and it was a cool 80 degrees.  I cannot image hiking in the 100 degrees some of these people do.  We each had to drink at least one gallon of water that day!

My kids were like mountain goats going up the mountain.  It is a 3 mile round trip to Delicate Arch and it is straight up a mountain that would be very slippery when wet!  Slick rock that you hike on and if not that it was sand or straight down the other side of the mountain!

 Those are my kids down at the bottom of the famous arch.  The country is so vast and beautiful it is as breath taking as the hike!  This is the  formation that is on the Utah licence plate!

And on every trip we have to take our "Traveling Gnome".  My son's penguin!  This little critter has some miles on him.  We were thinking of even getting his own National Park passport!  Can't leave home without him.  I will be sharing more photos through the week.  But now it is back to work!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Old Famhouse Gathering Winter Celebration and Giveaway!!

The Old Farmhouse Gathering is having it's AnnualWinter Holiday Celebration!

Click on the celebration button above and plan to stay awhile. There are so many one of a kind holiday items you can purchase for gift giving, holiday decorating, and even for your year round decor. Something for everyone on your gift list!

The Old Farmhouse Gathering is having it's Annual Holiday Giveaway!! Click on the Snowman, and get yourself entered for your chance to win! There are many great gifts in this drawing.  The drawing will be held on November 15th.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Check out my Tutorial on Mr. Tom Turkey

This tutorial is being featured on The Old Farmhouse Gathering Blogspot today.  They are fun and simple to make.  Sometimes for me the hardest part is to either get my husband to cut wood or try to get to the saw myself--shorty. 
While you are there at that site check out the other fun tutorial that have been published!
Thanks to Lucy from the OFG for getting this up and running!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Look how I spent my Weekend

I had the opportunity to be invited to teach decorative painting at the Heart of Utah Decorative Tole Painting Society in Orem, Utah this weekend.

This is a photo of me with the finished project.

It is a group of wonderful ladies that I love to teach for and be with.
We painted a Barb Jones Scarecrow and Pumpkin design on a wide weave black fiberglass screening in a barn wood frame. The original pattern can be found in the October 2004 edition of “Painting” magazine.

Denise and one of two that she painted.
Liz and her painting.
Donetta and her scarecrow.
Jill with her framed artwork.
Carey with her favorite man!

Just a few of the finished or almost finished projects at the end of the day. 
We had great fun, food, raffle prizes, and chatter.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Look at what I got!!

I participated in a pumpkin swap that the OFG group from Etsy was hosting. Thank you goes to Brenda of TheRustyThimble for organizing this swap.
My partner was Lucy of the Farmersattic.  It came during a huge rain storm here so I was glad I was home and heard the doorbell ring  when the post person left it on the porch!
Lucy is a fabulous seamstress and you should really check out her Etsy shop!  I just love her work!  At this time I love her A's, B's and Dandelion Seeds quilt as one of my favorites.
Lucy sent me a wonderful fall sewing kit.  The kit had beautiful fall leaves appliqued on it and the fabric colors where gorgeous.  It also had an area for pins, small scissors, pockets and a pen.  She also sent Carmel apples (which my kids were not to happy about because they are not edible), waxed corn and potpourri  which will be great to decorate with. 
She included three recipes cards also.  The recipes look great and I can't wait to try the pumpkin crisp one since I have a little boy who is all about eating pumpkin.
Thank You so much Lucy!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


We have a winner!! OK two winners!! SURPRISE!

First I want to Thank all of you that had kind words and comments to say on my artwork! (Because we all know I only have two talents-one is painting and the other one is eating and I am really good at the second talent!)

Thank you to all who put this giveaway on your blog.   I so appreciate your support!

Now I need to thank my two kids who claim they are my “unpaid interns” who wrote down the names, cut out the names, then drew out the names from a bucket. Because I have two kids we had to have two prizes to give away!  Thanks kids--now go fix dinner!

So the first name was “CatNapInnPrimitives” who wins the BEST WITCHES picture. Gina said:
 “how cute..I would love to be entered in your giveaway.;)”  Gina I will be contacting you via your e-mail.

The second prize is this little witch-- keeping with the witch theme.

The second name drawn was Julie who said:
 “Barb-these darling witches can come stay at my house :) lol
thanks for the giveaway
now I am off to check out your etsy shop”
Julie I will be contacting you via the e-mail you left me.

Thank you all for checking my blog and Etsy shop out. We might have to do this again soon just for the fun of it!!