Monday, February 21, 2011

Carl Bloch's Artwork

Over the weekend we as a family had the opportunity to see the art work of Carl Bloch that is on display at the BYU Museum of Art.  The art work was amazing and we were able to get so close you could see the brush strokes.  

His ability to use light and dark in his work is fantastic.  His portrayal of Christ from birth to his cruxifiction was breath taking. 

The alter pieces were awe-inspiring! It was a once in a life time opportunity that I so enjoyed.  Even my kids were impressed and asked loads of questions.  I would highly recommend that if you live in this area and are able to see this exhibit you will not be disappointed!  And it is free!!  Click the above link for information, tickets, and parking.  Then enjoy the work of the Master's Hand!


  1. The work is beautiful! We can't get there but thanks for sharing---magnificent and inspirational! Thank you!

  2. I am so glad you were able to go to this. The art that you shared with us is beautiful and I imagine it's 100 times better in person!

  3. I really like that last picture...beautiful paintings!! happy week Ria.....

  4. What exceptional artwork ! Wish I lived closer to visit this museum.
    Thanks for sharing with us Barb.

  5. Beautiful art work. So glad you could go and see this. Happy you could enjoy the art with your family.

  6. Sounds like you had a very fun day, Valerie

  7. Oh I love the masterpiece paintings. They always amaze me and make me wish I could paint like that. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Barb and I'm glad you got to go and enjoyed yourself:)

  8. Wow Barb! Thank you for sharing this! I would love to see this in person!!

  9. How wonderful that your kids enjoyed the exhibit as much as you did! Great family-time :) Seeing the work of artists like these is so inspiring.


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