Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heart and Home....and Taxes

I cannot believe it is February 1, 2011!  I was under the impression that after the holidays my life would slow down a bit, but no.  Between ice skating lessons, piano lessons, curling lessons, Scouts, youth activities at church and a Science Fair project the month of January went by way to fast.  It seems that I am now living in my car to get everyone where they need to be. 

Then there are taxes...I started working on this during the holidays.  But my book keeping leaves loads to be desired.  State sales tax was due yesterday so I did make that deadline.  YEA!

I have to share one photo from the Science Fair project my son and I did and this will explain (and/or now has become my excuse) why  I cannot cook.  We did some High Altitude testing on boxed baked good such as cookies, cakes and brownies.  When we moved here I heard lots of people say that we did not need to use high altitude directions on baked items.  The chocolate chip cookies, brownies and cakes I made would come out horrible.  So we found that our altitude is about 4500 feet and the directions call for adjusting the recipe at 3500 feet.

As you can tell the brownies on the left were done by using high altitude directions and were eatable.  The ones on the right were done with just regular directions.  They came out unevenly cooked and so doughy in the middle that it was like eating batter.  It was an interesting experiment and I learned allot.  I hope my son did too. 
Now I hope that February does not fly by as fast as January did!


  1. Happy day darling....come and join my party if you like !! ..love love Ria....xxx...

  2. Barb, hate to burst your bubble, but Feb. is a short month as it is, so it will go alot faster!!!

  3. I feel your pain about baking and altitude. We're above 7200 feet and we NEVER make brownies LOL.

    Okay, so we don't "never" make brownies, but they are difficult to turn out right, so brownie making is rare in this house. I love baking though and I keep trying things till they come out decent.

    I came over here from Keepsake Korner. :)

    Blessings from Jessica


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