Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pinch Proof!! A bit o'green you can wear and avoid the pinch!

This little pin will keep you from being "PINCHED" this St. Patrick's Day!!
The complete tutorial is located on The Old FarmHouse Gathering Blog site.
Or change it up to make a magnet for a hostess gift if you are going to celebrate with family or friends.
The photo below is the same shamrock as the pinch proof one above only glued onto a one inch square piece of wood then a magnet applied to the back! 

ENJOY and for heavensake don't get pinched!


  1. This is so nice !!! happy

  2. Well that's a tradition I had never heard of Barb, I'll have to go look at your great tutorial to keep from getting pinched! Thanks so much for your lovely comment at my blog, it is much appreciated. Deb


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