Saturday, March 19, 2011


I hate to whine and complain but we have had all winter to have snow and I feel really bad for all of you in the Midwest that got all the snow.  But the forecast here is for snow tonight and into tomorrow!
NO, I am ready for Spring!  Winter had it's chance...bring on the sun and warmer temperatures.
Well at least I have been painting for Spring.  A couple of new listings on Artfire and Etsy.  Hopefully this will help bring on SPRING!

Anybody else ready for Spring?


  1. Yes, I am so ready for spring!! The snow is melting ever so slowly here. I love all your painting, sure does make it feel like spring!

  2. Barb,

    I am so ready and after the taste yesterday of 81 degree weather, I say winter move over! It's time for spring!


  3. Small world - thanks for stopping by the blog, Barb. Beautiful work...I am SO ready for spring. Spent yesterday in the Quick Care, diagnosed with Actue Bronchitis, an ear and sinus infection. Spring can't come soon enough for me - we have had two days of cold, rain and wind! Have a wonderful week - Tanya

  4. I think I am the ONLY person that is sad winter is officially over... since I became menopausal, I cannot tolerate 'heat' and prefer cooler temperatures.
    Although Spring is beautiful and new life is coming forth...summer follows rather quickly and so does the heat and humidity - I will be looking forward to winter again very soon, lol


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