Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mountain Standard Timers

I belong to an Etsy team called the Mountain Standard Timers.  We all live on Mountain time.  There are some fabulous artist on this team with a great variety of creations.  Click here to go to their blog.  Jen of Lotus Jewels added one of my Halloween creations to their facebook page.  (Time to get a facebook page!)
Jen is a fabulous artist herself check out her shop Lotus Jewels.
One of my favorites in her shop is this beauty.
Take a moment and check out their Etsy team page or type in MSTTeam in the search bar for some wonderful creations.  There is something for everyone due to the great variety of artist that live on Mountain Standard Time!!


  1. Thanks for the info to explore! (Like I needed more trouble to get into!) ;o) Have a great weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. That is an attractive necklace. I'll have to check these artists out. Thanks Barb:o)

  3. Thank you for sending some love toward our great team! And Lotus Jewels definitely deserves it too!

    of Infused Designs

  4. Hi Barb! My little ghost is enjoying the autumn season at my house! Come visit soon. You are so talented!


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