Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time to Think Green! Give away

Time to start thinking of the green!  St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner so we need to celebrate the Irish in all of us.  I think we all speak a little bit o'blarney now and then. 
The photo above is what you will win!  This is a 9 x 9 inch frame of a shamrock with a banner that wishes you a Happy St. Pat’s Day. This is a folk art designed by Angie Black and is hand painted on fiberglass black screen. The frame is hand made of reclaimed wood and has been painted a Bright Green.  It has been sprayed with a matte finish. It comes with a metal hanger on back.

To enter this give away I would love to have you follow my blog and just leave me a note about what you do to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
My parents, brothers, sisters, and their families get together at my brother Steven's house and we have the traditional corn beef and cabbage with green mashed potatoes.  Drinks and dessert are green too.  Then we sit around and spread the blarney!
This drawing will be the usual pull a name out of the hat by my kids and it will end March 1 with the name of the person that won on March 2.  Good luck to all!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Carl Bloch's Artwork

Over the weekend we as a family had the opportunity to see the art work of Carl Bloch that is on display at the BYU Museum of Art.  The art work was amazing and we were able to get so close you could see the brush strokes.  

His ability to use light and dark in his work is fantastic.  His portrayal of Christ from birth to his cruxifiction was breath taking. 

The alter pieces were awe-inspiring! It was a once in a life time opportunity that I so enjoyed.  Even my kids were impressed and asked loads of questions.  I would highly recommend that if you live in this area and are able to see this exhibit you will not be disappointed!  And it is free!!  Click the above link for information, tickets, and parking.  Then enjoy the work of the Master's Hand!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am Seeing Little Green Men!

I guess seeing little green men this time of year is OK...or at least I hope.  I am looking forward to corn beef!  But the only reason to have corn beef is for the Reuben Sandwiches!   I hope I am not the only one out there that loves these sandwiches.
Enjoy your day!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Just wanted to wish all my blogland friends a very wonderful and special Valentine's Day!
Enjoy it with those you love!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Give Away Arrived Just in Time for Valentine's Day

The give away I won from Dee at IcehouseCrafts came just in time for celebrating Valentine's Day!  Her work is fantastic and the box included Chocolate!!  My favorite kind.  I want to Thank Dee for such a great giveaway!  Check out her blog and her selling sites.  She has something for everyone!

My kids have wondered if it is Christmas again for all the packages I have received this week.  I also participated in a craft "odds and ends" swap with the gals at the Old Farmhouse Gathering and Lucy from Farmers Attic was my swap partner.  She unloaded on me!  The photo below is just some of the supplies she sent me. 
WOW!!  Now to get creative and start using all the things she sent me!  My kids have already put dibs on some of the things.  But the best part of all was receiving a phone call the next day and talking to Lucy!  What a wonderful lady!  Thank you for all the great goods!

Friday, February 11, 2011


With Valentine's Day just around the corner which one of us is not thinking CHOCOLATE?  Hot or cold?  Some of the fun finds on Artfire.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I am a "Icehoucecrafts" Winner!!

Dee at Icehousecrafts had a great give away on her blog and I was the lucky winner!!!  I love this sign and her work is fantastic.  She has a site on Etsy and also on Artfire.  You will have to check out her work and decide what your favorite is but here are just a couple of my favorites.

Thanks Dee for such a great give away!  It is always fun to visit your blog and shops.  There is  always  something new and exciting at your place!  I will so ENJOY the sign.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Time for Hearts and Roses

Some of my favorite finds under Hearts and Roses on Artfire.  Also my first time making a Collection!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heart and Home....and Taxes

I cannot believe it is February 1, 2011!  I was under the impression that after the holidays my life would slow down a bit, but no.  Between ice skating lessons, piano lessons, curling lessons, Scouts, youth activities at church and a Science Fair project the month of January went by way to fast.  It seems that I am now living in my car to get everyone where they need to be. 

Then there are taxes...I started working on this during the holidays.  But my book keeping leaves loads to be desired.  State sales tax was due yesterday so I did make that deadline.  YEA!

I have to share one photo from the Science Fair project my son and I did and this will explain (and/or now has become my excuse) why  I cannot cook.  We did some High Altitude testing on boxed baked good such as cookies, cakes and brownies.  When we moved here I heard lots of people say that we did not need to use high altitude directions on baked items.  The chocolate chip cookies, brownies and cakes I made would come out horrible.  So we found that our altitude is about 4500 feet and the directions call for adjusting the recipe at 3500 feet.

As you can tell the brownies on the left were done by using high altitude directions and were eatable.  The ones on the right were done with just regular directions.  They came out unevenly cooked and so doughy in the middle that it was like eating batter.  It was an interesting experiment and I learned allot.  I hope my son did too. 
Now I hope that February does not fly by as fast as January did!