Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tutorial on a Painter who tried to Sew

Let’s start with the tragic back story (as my kids say to me):
It is not that I don’t know how to sew, it is just an anxiety provoking reflex.
I took sewing in 4-H for about 10 years. Learned allot but did not like it at all.

I had painted this bunny on a huge barn wood frame but the frame had cracked and after trying many different things to fix the frame I came to the realization the it could not be fixed to my satisfaction. Barn wood is like that. So instead of throwing the painting in the trash I had an idea to make it more of a material wall hanging.
Out came the sewing machine…
Out came the ironing board…
Out came the swear jar-compliments of my kids…
The hard part was to try to get the painting off the frame with out destroying the black screen. That was a challenge.
Found some quilt batting and some material that was the right size.  Easy part done.
Next I decided to make my own bias tape. Had done that before in 4-H. I was not going to spend any money on this just encase I decided to throw it away.
Started to sew.  Added a casing on the back so that it could be hung by a dowel.  It did not go on as straight as I thought it would have been once the whole thing was done.  I even measured!?! 
The black screen is really heavy and the green material was fairly light so the machine (or may be it was me) was having a bit of a struggle.
Had to cut some of it down. Next came the bias tape. I was not sure how to do the corners. Called some folks that tried to explain to me how to do it.  Thought I knew what I was doing. Had to redo it a couple of times at the corners because I was not to happy about how it was looking.
Finally gave up and put it together the best I could.
Now the look on my husband’s face when he got home from work was priceless, the swear jar did not get completely filled up and boy did I learn allot!
Finished product…
Now I will need to cut a dowel and I think I will PAINT the round knobs orange.
I might try this again but not in the near future!
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  1. I must be stupid, I read the whole post but I still don't understand how you saved this
    and got it on the fabric.
    And I think you did a fantastic job sewing.
    I can't make my own bias tape!
    It looks beautiful.

  2. Ok, you had me laughing out loud on this post! My hubby gets to fill up the swear jar frequently. You lasted a lot further than I would have... I would have given up way before the finish. But it turned out awesome. See, there you go! Looks great and you have the satisfaction of not letting it win, lol.

  3. This Post is PRICELESS, LOL Barb I love it
    I love your finished masterpiece as well

    And I love that swear jar!! Good job on not filling it up LOL


  4. I think it looks fab and you may have discovered a new venue for your artwork Barb! Don't put the sewing machine (or the swear jar!) away quite yet ;O) Nice job, Deb

  5. I think it looks great Barb, you way have found a new venue for displaying your art! Don't put the sewing machine (or the swear jar!) away quite yet ;O) Great job, Deb

  6. WOOOOHOOOOOO, BARB!!! Most excellent and I'm impressed that the 'Swear Jar' was not full!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

  7. I can't paint, Barb, and I won't touch bias tape with a 10-foot pole! It looks too perfect to me...that's why I like doesn't have to be perfect! (Who gets the swear jar money?) ~*~Lisa

  8. LOL, your so funny. It came out great, you should fire that bad boy up more often!!
    Warm Wishes,

  9. Hi Barb, Wonder how come it took so long to find you on facebook. Love your post here.

  10. Oh Barb, it's so cute and an awesome idea. You must try it again... practice makes perfect :)

  11. LOL, the swaer jar gave me an out loud laugh. I have had projects go like this, even though I sew regularly. I feel for you LOL I have had night when I spent more time taking out stitches than I put in. My husband says: "honey. why don't you put it down for a while." well. This makes me all the more mad. I undo it. try again. Now it's 12:30 going on 1 a.m. It's done. I still don't like it. LOL It goes in my "done but I don't like it" bin lOL. But it looks great. It's just us that see all the teeny tiny imperfections.


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