Thursday, January 19, 2012

So Many Things to Talk About and Share!

Yesterday the computer and I went to blows...but hopefully we are now on speaking terms.  Then I find out that Walmart and Home Depot had computer problems all day.  Unable to do credit and debit card transactions.  What is in the air?
But the next few things are fun to discuss-GIVEAWAYS!!
The next few photos are about wonderful giveaways happening all over blog land.  Click on the photo and it will take you to the blog to sign up!  Some end pretty soon!
Firecracker Kid's Valentines Giveaway!
Choices at Vicky's Art Blog!
Wicked Queen Faerie's giveaway!
Rusty Thimble's giveaway!
Yorkie's Primitives fabulous hearts giveaway!
Cave Creek Primitives cute critter!
These are just a few check my side bar for more!! 
The Share the Love Celebrations continues on Etsy with the OFG.
Click the photo to see all the great creations!!
Enjoy your day and hopefully the computer and I will get along better today!!


  1. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful giveaways. I hope to visit some and sign up! Oh how we love and hate our computers!!

  2. Glad to hear you made up with your computer! :) Lot's of great giveaways going on! Thanks for sharing! ~~Annie

  3. Happy you and your computer kissed and made up. But if Walmart and Home Depot are having trouble then you are in with good company. Thank for featuring all the wonderful give away's!

  4. Oh boy Barb, my computer has had some glitches too. Must be something in the air. Thanks for posting my giveaway :o)


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