Monday, May 14, 2012

Are We Moving....

Are we moving in or out...After almost 6 years in this house I haven't decided if we are going to live here or not. 
Being single for a number of years, and never living in the same place longer than one year, then marrying into the military it was never for sure you would be there long enough to unpack.
But the other day I was opening more boxes, figuring we will be here for awhile, when low and behold I found more painting and or crafting supplies. 
Are you all like me and if it is on sale one is never enough?!
And heaven forbid the company is going out of just never know!?!
This all might come in handy!
Because one is never enough and may be 24 or more is better I have come to the conclusion I have a problem.
"Hi, My name is Barb and I am a painting/craft supply addict!"
My plan is to list some of this on Etsy and try to paint some of it...really do you need more than 6-8-10?  And what was I thinking when I was buying porcelain bells and ornaments?  That takes a special set of nerves to paint on!
As sad as it has been to see some of the craft store in my area go out of business may be for me it is a blessing in disguise.
If you see anything you could use drop me a line.  Because I do have multiples of all of the above.
In the mean time I better get painting and/or listing some of these extras on Etsy.
I don't plan on looking in any more boxes for a little bit!
Enjoy your day!


  1. I went thru some boxes a couple of months and I told myself I was going to use some of it, some of it was from 10 or more years ago. So, I know what you mean!

  2. Oh my word! You sound JUST like me! Part of my problem stems from not putting stuff away after I buy it. It gets misplaced and forgotten about, so I buy more. Till eventually I realize I have five rolls of rusty wire and three extra bottles of Empire Gold paint...(both just discovered last week)! I can feel your pain!

    I SO enjoyed shopping at Roberts and Provo Crafts when I lived there. Who would have thought either would have gone out of business...and now both! Hope you won't have to pack up and move anytime soon. ~~Annie

  3. Ummmm...My name is Robin, and I suffer from a similar affliction. :o Seriously, I still have boxes of woodenware from when I used to rosemale - a LONG time ago.....Please don't look in my boxes.... (Best of luck in de-stashing....) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. LOL Barb I started at 9 am Saturday morning cleaning and rearranging.......things that had been packed down for a few years. So I know what you mean!!

    I have too much STUFF LOL, maybe we need to start a support group LOL


  5. Lol Barb ... I love all your post !

  6. Oh yes, I know what you mean! The closet in my painting studio looks like my own personal good will store! So easy to collect painting surfaces! and of course you always need 6, 8,10..... LOL It's an addiction!

  7. LOL this is so me! I love it, that is what I am in the process of doing myself before my family puts me on hoarders! lol Good luck using it all!


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