Friday, May 4, 2012

This could scare some of you...

 We were talking on the OFG Yahoo forum about craft areas.  I have seen some really nice ones.  One day I hope to have one.  In the mean time I am lucky enough to have a room in the basement, actually two rooms.  It is a bit scary....
I have an area to paint, an area for my books and some wood, and it is shrinking a bit because I now have the computer(s) in here too.  So when kids have to do home work I get to monitor what they are doing on the Internet-since I live down here. 
 I have officially taken over another room that is unfinished and it houses boxes of wood and now a multitude of frames.   Hence the reason for destashing on my Etsy shop.  So much wood and never enough time!
It is not pretty here at all but it serves its purpose.  I also have an area where I can staple on screen and do a bit of sanding.  For real sanding I head outside!
Love my air compressor!! 
Notice the boxes in the corner?  I love boxes-it is a problem and another scary thing.  Empty or full I have a huge stack of them.
As I was taking these photos my dad came over and dropped off more frames.
Then he proceeded to ask me "How many more do you need?"
Does it look like I need more?!?!?!
I guess if it keeps us both busy and out of trouble that is a good thing!  
I dream that one day I will have that perfectly organized, white, beautiful room but for now I am happy with what I have.  Messy or not it is home!
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Thanks for coming and taking a look-sorry about the dust!!


  1. I love seeing pics of craft areas Barb - you have a wonderful space! Have a great weekend! ~*~Lisa

  2. Your work spaces look so organized Barb!

  3. Barb,
    You don't know the meaning of the word 'scary'! I have NO ROOM! I paint in my laundry room and can barely squeeze around the piles of junk I have, HENCE, no pictures! Oh, and did I mention the cat litter???!!!!!! Yep, I'd take your 'scary' ANYTIME!!!

  4. I think you look very organized. What great spaces to work in!! :-)

  5. I think it's a great creative space! And I still can't get over just how many frames you!


  6. Looks like a great place to be creative!!!!!

    Have a great weekend~

  7. Your quite organized Barb!!!! We built another big room on...half of it is mine with a big counter space that now is piled with stuff. Plus a bedroom full of fabric, some seasonal decorations for the house, already-made stuff from craft shows that didn't sell. And gradually taking over Monica's bedroom!!!! Well, I did take it over, she wants me to clean it up so it can be her bedroom!!!!


  8. You are so together. I wish you could come and organize my studio. I put things away but have to pull so much out to find things. One day I will figure it out.


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