Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My lucky week did not stop there!

I was in the middle of ONE LUCKY week!
Not only did I win from the FAAP group but Felicia of Raggedy Creations had a giveaway and I won this FABULOUS penny rug!!
It is wonderfully stitched and I am curious as how does one make it so every stitch is the perfect size and shape?  What a mystery and/or is it AWESOME talent?!?!
I am going with the later!  
It measures 16 1/2 inches round.  I think I will be putting this on my dinning room table with severe warnings to my kid:  "NOT TO TOUCH...It is like a Museum piece".
Once again photos just do not do this wonderful piece of art justice!!
Thank you so much for this FABULOUS Creation Felicia.
Now it makes me wish I could even hold a needle and thread and not break out into hives!
No I still have to leave this to the professionals like Felicia!!

Felicia can be found here:


  1. Morning Barb, you have a horseshoe some where, :) the penny mat, beautiful work.... Congrats on all your wins.....Blessings Francine.

  2. Hi Barb, great is beautiful! I am always amazed by everyones wonderful talent. Enjoy your day:)

  3. Absolutely beautiful!! I've recently started making penny rugs and my stitches are far from perfect. I imagine the more you make, the better you become at gauging distance and size of stitching. Congrats on your lucky win!

  4. Boy have you been lucky the last couple of weeks! This is gorgeous! You better go buy a lotto ticket! :)

  5. Beautiful!! Maybe you should go buy a lotto ticket ;)

  6. Congrats, you must have a lucky aura that surrounds you!

  7. Holy wow! That's a beauty. Good for you darling, you deserve a winning week :)



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