Thursday, April 4, 2013

OK, my last win from my lucky week....

OK, my last win from my lucky you know I will be in a dry spell for a long time so I had to enjoyed every minute of sitting by the steps rain, snow or shine waiting for the post lady to come!!
I happened to be on Facebook and as we all know I am FB untrained.
I saw that Sue Allemand, an artist I have admired for years was having a giveaway of her art on her FB page.  She is what I consider a "BIG BRUSH"!
I signed up and figured I had done it wrong...what's new?!
She then messaged me on FB to tell me I had WON.  
 I messaged her back and just in case I did that wrong I e-mailed her.  
Apparently excited?
 She sent me these WONDERFUL prints!!!
 I am going to frame them in black and hang them on the wall in the hallway that looks like it could use some help.
They are the perfect colors!!!
Yet again photos (and me taking the photos with a camera that needs to be replaced) does not do these any sort of justice!  The are MAGNIFICENT!!
Thank you so much Sue.
Cannot wait to get them framed and on the wall!
Sue can be found here:

Not that I am ready for a dry spell but I think I have had my share of good luck lately!!

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  1. I think you have used up your wins for the year now! :) You had a great week so enjoy your winnings! :)


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