Saturday, January 25, 2014

The day is almost here!

I have now decided that looks are not oblong cookie taste as good as a square cookie and as good as a round cookie!
After too many batches to count I am done making cookies, probably for the rest of my life.
It is true "The most beautiful things abide in our hearts", no matter the shape or size.
Tomorrow night I will be in heaven knowing that I did the best I could for my son's Eagle Court of Honor and the memory will abide in my heart beautifully.
Keeping this in mind will help me with the finishing touches.
I think it is amazing what people (mother's and father's) will do for the one's they love!
Hope you will find something today that will be beautiful and will abide in your heart forever!


  1. You did good mom! Now just sit back..relax and enjoy the moment! :)

  2. LOL did you enjoy those cookies Barb? Memories like that are so sweet
    Hugs I have missed you

  3. yep doesn't matter what shape, a cookie is a cookie.

    I'm sure all will be will.

  4. I will sit and eat lop-sided cookies with you ALL day long, for it doesn't matter the imperfections, BUT instead WHO you are eating them with and why...LOVE sure does cover a multitude of sins...;) Congratulations again, on your son's achievement and for raising a GREAT kid...Proudly sit and watch the ceremony and people eating your cookies!

  5. Congrats to your son! It is a huge accomplishment that takes many people in the background to fulfill. I'm sure his night was all you and he dreamed it could be.
    P.S. Boys don't care what the cookies are shaped

  6. I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours.


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