Friday, March 14, 2014


This is what every corner of my house looks like right now...
Every year I say I will do a monthly total and get all organized.
It is now March and once again I am now three months behind-just this year.
Once I get them all done I know I will not look at paper again until sometime next year.
Does any of this sound familiar?
So yet again I piled another stack and painted.
I can justify this because it makes me happy to paint and this was a quick pattern to do.
Now to spread the paper work around and look like I did some thing with it all today before my husband comes home!
I am only in charge of MY business sad!
Well off to shuffle paper.
Wish me luck!
Enjoy your day, evening, know where I will be!


  1. A new follower, so I'm wondering what pattern, and how did you paint it? Looks like fabric, guess I'm just not yet familiar with your work. Best wishes with those taxes!!

  2. It's so complicated! Wear some green and try to finish up on Monday! Good luck...and have a great weekend! Hugs!

  3. LOL Barb, if it's any consolation you are not alone! Love your new painting.

  4. I am joining you in the "tax return torture" for the year. Working on them this weekend too. :(


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