Thursday, July 15, 2010

Christmas In July Sale on Etsy!

July must be the month to start thinking of Christmas…Etsy is promoting a “Christmas in July” sale.  Not everything is related to Christmas but a good time to start your shopping!  When you go to Etsy and do a search type in “CIJ” or “Christmas in July” and it will pull up loads of goods to look at.  Everyone involved is giving some type of discount or free shipping.  I will be giving free shipping on all my ornaments and magnets through the month of July.

The reason I picked this specific ornament to show at the top of the page is because of the designer, Susan Van Alyne.  She was the teacher I learned to tole paint from.  She had such a way about her and made me feel like I could do this. (Some of my first works are a little hard to look at now but she was very encouraging.)  I took classes from her at the local craft store in Las Vegas for about 8 months then she moved to northern Nevada due to her husband’s job change. I feel like in those months she gave me the self confidence and the basic knowledge to keep at it and to continue to painting .  Then the more you do a thing the better and easier it becomes and the love of it flows. At least this is what I have found with painting.
Can you tell I love to paint this little guy!


  1. You make the most beautiful things Ria,......

  2. Oh I love love the Christmas season. Such a cozy time. Off to visit your Etsy shop, Barb. Summer hugs for a happy Thursday. xxx

  3. Adorable! Wishing you much success during the Christmas in July!

  4. Hi Barb...thanks for dropping by today! I miss Utah so much. That's where I learned to a class at Roberts Craft Store! Love your do beautiful work. ~~Annie


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