Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sunshine Award

I was completely surprised and honored that Celia at Falling off High Heels bestowed this award to me. A brand new, not completely knowing what I am doing, blogger!  Her blog is very insightful and inspiring.  Plus she has a great way with words and getting her ideas across to the reader in a wonderful way.  Please check her site out you will not be disappointed.

So in the spirit of the award the rule states that receiving this award the receiver is to pass it along to 12 other blogs...whose positively and creativity inspire others in the blog world. There are so many blogs that deserve this award and I am sure some of the ones I will list have received this but it never hurts to receive an award again! Here are the 12 blogs I am forwarding it to:

the thrifty ba
Keen Inspirations
Primgals Primitive Palette
Sarah Simplifies
Join my Join
It's me
Artwork by Junko Miyakoshi
Olde Annie Primitives
Feathered Whimsy

I hope you will stop by and see these sites.  Each one of them is so different and unique.  I enjoy them all. 
Enjoy your day!


  1. Oooooh Barba, you sweet one. Thank you so sooooo much. I'm honored!
    Sending lots of Dutch JOY your way for a happy happy Thursday! xxx

  2. Awww...what an honor! I can't thank you enough for choosing me for this award! Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks Barb! You're so sweet! Love your blog! ~~Annie

  4. Thanks so sweet of you my darling !! wishing you a lot of joy !! and a happy evening ....hugs from Ria..

  5. thanks my friend! i will be sharing this soon!

  6. Awwh Thank you for sharing the honor. I will try to do the same.


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