Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Bit of A Scare!

As most of you  know I had arthroscopic knee surgery to repair  a torn medial meniscus late Wednesday of last week.  Sunday night I did not sleep very well due to the ache in my leg.  When I got up that morning I had severe pain in my right calf,  the leg I had surgery on.  It felt like a muscle cramp that you could not walk off.  Pain meds did not take the pain away so after another long night in pain I called the Doctor's office at 9AM Tuesday morning.  Pretty much in agony the whole day.  At about 4PM the nurse called me back and told me to go straight to the ER so they could check me out for possible blood clot in my leg.   Life threatening if the clot breaks off and goes to the pulmonary artery.
Called my husband to come home, begged my sister to come watch my kids and headed to the ER.
Luckily for me it was not a blood clot but a severe muscle spasm with symptoms that looked and acted like a blood clot. I am now on some new muscle relaxants and hopefully on the mend.
It was a scary night and to look at my poor husband's face was the hardest part.  I am not sure if it was that he would miss me if I was to go or what he would do with the kids!?!  I think he aged 80 years last night.  Times like that make you really stop and think about the important things in your life!

But on a brighter note just a reminder to make a guess for my giveaway here.  It ends tomorrow!  Good luck to everyone!  Winner announced later that evening!


  1. Barb,

    Thank goodness it was just a muscle that was painful but the alternative was so much worse. I think most hubby's get that look when they may have the realization that they will have to be chief cook, bottlewasher, maid, and waiter...I know mine wouldn't know what to do without me...the house proves it when I go on those rare trips without him and the kids...a complete disaster!


  2. YIKES!! That is a scare!! So very glad it turned out not to be a clot....(And, yeah - I've seen that look on my hubby's face too - 'cept I KNOW it's not that he'd miss me that terribly - it's just that he wouldn't know where to find the spare rolls of toilet paper! ;o) Hope you get to be up and about soon! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. I hope the new med's take the pain away. Nothing worst then losing sleep!

  4. Oh my gosh Barb I am so glad it was not a clot. Take care of yourself

  5. Oh thank heavens it wasn't a clot. Back in 1969 my dad dies from a blood clot he got from an arm injury. It had blocked the blood flow to his heart... slowly.

  6. I had that same surgery 5 years ago.
    I will pray for a speedy, full recovery.
    I still have pain after 5 years. I hope yours does better.

  7. Wow~that sounds terrifying! Glad to hear that it wasn't a blood clot! Hope the new pills can help.

  8. Wow Barb that is scary.. so glad it wasn't a clot..but it sure does make you stop and think.. Take care... hope you feel better soon..

  9. So glad it wasn't a clot! Hope you're doing much better now!

  10. Glad it wasn't a clot and you went on into the doc. I can imagine your DH's face as I've seen mine look like that, too! I think mine is just worried about all of that 'babysitting'!! LOL!!
    Get better soon!

  11. Sorry to hear of your painful recovery!
    That is a very scary night!
    Praying you will be up and at soon!

  12. So glad that it was not a clot!Hope the new meds are working .Feel better soon!Hugs,Jen


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