Friday, June 3, 2011

A Wonderful Material Treat

I won the most wonderful prize in blogland!
For those who know me I am "allergic" to sewing, thread, material, needles, etc.  My mom had me take all the 4-H classes in sewing but I was a disaster.  It is amazing she and I lived through it. 
 I am always amazed at what people can do with material.
I entered Cottonwood Lane Primitives giveway not to long ago and longingly looked at the beautiful penny rug (OK, I was coveting it) and thinking how great it would look in my house.
Roberta had packaged the treasure so nicely with a cute little card.
Aren't you all amazed I had the self restraint to get the camera and take a photo!
I am proud of my self for that!

In to the package I tore.  Probably not as gently as I should have but look at this beautiful rug!
The photo just does not do it justice!! 
My husband who collects Native American Rugs really attached himself to it.  We are going to hang it on our wall in the entrance way for everyone to see!!
Roberta, your work is marvelous.  It is created so well and you can see love in every stitch!
Thank you so much!!
Take a look at her blog to see what she is stitching up right now!

Thank you to everyone that came over to the "A Farmhouse Gathering at Artfire" blog and sign up to win the sign below.  Julie was the winner.  Congratulations!!


  1. Woo Hoo Barb!! Lucky you!! I "coveted" that little rug too - so, if you find that your "allergies" kick in for all things sewn - just let me know...I'd love to help you out! ;o) Just kidding - you so deserve this lovely win! And congrats to Julie as well for winning the wonderful painting of yours!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Congrats on the win Barb! How beautiful. And your sign for the giveaway is great too! ~*~Lisa

  3. Congrats Barb.. that is gorgeous...

  4. Barb,

    Congrats on the lovely win...the rug is beautiful.


  5. Thanks Barb for the super kind comments! I can't tell you how honored I am that you're hanging my little penny rug in your home! Now I'll keep my fingers crossed for luck in your giveaway! ~Roberta


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