Saturday, June 9, 2012


Computers could now be my "four letter" word.  I have had problems off and on with this computer to the point I have thought fondly of throwing it through the window.
My brother talked me out of destroying it and said that when he came to town he would install Window 7 and Office 2010.  We cleaned up the computer and got more memory.
My brother comes to town having bought us the two programs...Thank You, Darr!
Then he gets started on uploading and doing all that he needed to do.
Just putting all of our stuff to an external hard drive took forever so we went out to lunch.
His treat...Thank You, Darr.
After hours of getting things fix and now installed the other programs again it is running better and a bit smoother.
He spent his whole vacation fixing every one's computer...I am the oldest of eight by the way and have parents that needed help too.
After all this he turns to me and says have you thought of getting a newer computer?
So I guess that was a hint about an upgrade.  He said that he loves his laptop.
Now I am thinking that direction and wondering if a laptop would be for me?
Any suggestions?
Now time to learn how to use all the new programing--YIPEE!
Another huge learning curve in progress.
Enjoy your weekend you know where I will be!


  1. I love a laptop vs. the pc tower Barb! Do it if you can, you will love it! Just be sure to get enough memory, LOL ~*~Lisa

  2. The BEST thing I ever did was to purchase a MAC Probook. It is so worth the money.

  3. LOL you sound like me. I have threatened my computer with throwing it out the window too. Really. And you know what? It doesn't care. It knows that I won't do it. ( I should surprise it,yes?)lol

    So I just continue to do what I can with it. And I think it IS a four letter word.

    I hope yours works well now and that if you get a lap top that you get a great one and that it will be easy to learn how to use. I am going to get one too, I think, in the next few weeks. I don't know what is the best kind to get though.

    Have a great weekend Barb.
    Take care, Janet W

  4. Hi Barb, very frustrating these computers at times,uggg!!! So glad things worked out for you. I`m so new at it, have had my laptop for a year now, still learning ever day,, love blogging, meeting wonderful friends but do not know how to do some things to my blog, oh well. Have a great Sunday, Blessings Francine.

  5. Oh Barb, I know where you're coming from. My old laptop just kicked the bucket. Hubby and the kids just bought me a new Toshiba laptop for my birthday. Give that brother of yours a BIG pat on the back.

  6. I have a laptop and love it, we have wireless connection, so I can sit on the couch or anywhere I want and use the computer. My hubby even wants one now, and he loves his desktop!

  7. Hi Barb,
    I hear ya. I was ready to throw something at it the other day. It seems to be running slow. It's amazing how fast they go out of "style" and you should get a new one. That's nice you have a bro who can fix these things. Our daughter knows the person who fixes ours!!!!! I don't know if I would like a laptop. I'm so a "hate change" person!!!!

  8. Lucky you to have a techy brother willing to help. Unfortunately, I'm the "techy" in our family...and I HATE it!! ;o) I've tried - for YEARS - to get used to a laptop, and I just can't. When I'm fixing things on my 'puter, I borrow my son's laptop - and it drives me nuts....I like my mouse. ;o) Good luck....(And don't take I what say to heart in any way - I recognize that I'm an oddball in that regard!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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