Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What a Mess but some Great Results!!

This last weekend we were able to take out the windows in the front of the house and replace them.
Sounds easy right?  No...in the front room, because the roof was sagging on the window, we got to use a 5, 4 and 3 ton jack to raise the roof!
That was a new experience to me!  So we replaced the one window with three windows using two columns to support the new windows.  I think it looks good so far and the popping and cracking in the house has diminished!
 In the mist of all this there is a fire about 20 mile south of us and the wind was blowing at a pretty good clip towards the north.  Lots of ash and smoke in the air.  FUN!!

We were able to change the other two windows the next day and it went pretty smooth after the front room windows.
 Our daughter's old window was put in with three nails and had not adhered to the wall so there was a mold problem.  Yes, even here in the desert.
Our son's room was the reason we were changing the windows.  His had completely cracked due to the pressure of the window being to tight in the opening.
So now we have all new front windows, Yea!
Next the siding.
While we were out working on the windows a huge white lab came into our yard and fell into the window well.
I had gone into the house to get a glass of water when this all happened and my kids were all worried about the dog in the window well.  It was something to see, a huge dog in the small window well!
Luckily my husband was able to help him out. Poor thing was old and blind. It looked like he had serious cataracts.  I hope he made it home OK.  He took off like a rocket from our property after that!

I will be having a nap today because we are tearing down more siding tonight!
Enjoy your day!


  1. Awww poor pup! I'll bet you'll be happy to have all of that construction behind you, Barb! You've got the fires and we've got floods. You'd think Mother Nature could work out a 'happy medium' with her powerful self!!!

  2. Hi Barb, lots of hard work but well worth it, will look great. Blessings Francine.

  3. That's a BIG job! It will be beautiful when it's done! I hope you got that nap in...and have lots of help! WHEW! Take care!


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