Thursday, October 18, 2012

Di Vinci: The Genius

Today the kid are out of school so we are off to see
Di Vinci:  The Genius
It is an exhibit at The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City.
These are images off the computer from different exhibits around the world.
I feel lucky that we have the ability to go see some of these thing right here in SLC!
It is a hands on type of exhibit and as many people know I have too touch and feel almost everything.
I think it is a "crafter's curse" least that is what my husband says! 
My camera is on the fritz so this will probably be as good as it gets for photos. 
Enjoy your day!!


  1. What a wonderful exhibit to get to see in person! WOW!

  2. Aha... what an excellent idea! I would wish I could have that museum in my home... lol.


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