Thursday, January 17, 2013

I used too...

...Love to cross-stitch.  
It was a favorite past time.  
It was my first love.  
When I was on bed rest during my pregnancies it was a life saver from boredom.
You could take it anywhere with you and stitch away!!
Then came kids and I found painting.
So a few years back I decided I was going to pick up cross stitching again for the amount of time I was spending in the car or waiting for kids at whatever activity they were at.
This is a bib for a friend of mine who's son is now 4...not sure it will fit any more.
This one I went to work on and found out I needed bifocals...I really am not that old!
May I remind you I have a 16 and 13 year old...OK, had them late in life.
This was immediately put on hold due to vanity.  
This one I did for my husband when we got married.
Luckily I did this one for my daughter before she grew out of dolls.
Do not have one for my son.
Found  a box with loads of supplies for cross stitching.
 I have been adding them to my Etsy shop in the Craft Supply/Destash section.  
Click HERE to see some of the listings.
Really!?!?  There must have been a good sale on all of this.  
You know us crafty types can never pass up a sale or have enough supplies.
But in my case, at present, just so many supplies and so little time.
If you happen to be interested in any of it drop me a line.
Hope you on the east coast are warm. 
 We are still in the single digits and my hands need to go warm up!
Enjoy your day,


  1. Barb, those are all beautiful pieces!I am just beginning to learn to do cross stitching,maybe someday I will have such treasures hanging on my wall.Blessings,Jen

  2. You did do a lot of cross stitching didn't you. I use too also until I found quilting. Actually I still do some once and awhile. Off to check out your shop for supplies. :)

  3. Oh Barb!! If you could hear me laugh.....not at you but with you! Cross stitch was my second love but with small ones I couldn't find the time to paint. I used to have a stash but got rid of a lot of it. I DO, however, still have a multitude of unfinished projects! My friend gave me a beautiful blanket to work on while I was laid up with the twins and the stitching is SOOOOOO poor because of my need for bifocals. Vanity keeps me in denial!!!

  4. Beautiful cross stitch, great job, Francine.

  5. Your cross stitched pieces are spectacular! I have only done a couple myself and decided I will admire other's work instead. I just don't have the patience for this type of thing. You are clearly talented at it!


  6. That's a coulda, shoulda, woulda for me. I've always wanted to cross stitch, just have never gotten serious about it. A procrastinator that's We're keeping warm here with Hermes as my foot warmer.



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