Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My New Best Friend and a Winner!

It is 9:00 AM  and this is the temperature! 
This is my NEW best friend.  Love this little space heater at this very moment!
My space downstairs is the only room that is finished but it still is mighty cold down here.
You know it is cold when you finally clean your self-cleaning oven to warm the house, when two bubble coats are not enough and you can barely move your arms, and no one can hear you coming because you have so many layers of socks on!!!  Tried that one on my kids earlier!
It should hit a high of 12 today!

The winner of the Welcome (snow, freezing temps, rain, pain, etc.) Snowman Ornament is 
Darlene of Three "D" Style.
 I had my son draw a number out of the air on our way to school...well he looked at the temperature in the van and it said "3 degrees".
Thank you all for stopping by and leaving a comment and helping promote the fun!
Darlene I will contact you for your address.
I am headed up stairs to warm up a bit!!
Enjoy your day and stay WARM!


  1. Good heavens, Barb!! I'm running my AC today and have a fan blowing on my face as I type!! Sheesh!!
    CONGRATS to Darlene! What a way to start off the new Year!!

  2. Holy ice cubes Batman! That is cccoold! We're supposed to have a freeze hit us too. Better bundle up :)


  3. Brr! You made me realize how cold our bedroom is. LOL. I just plugged in my little heater to warm up. For some reason the house is 64 and outside it is in the 20's. I only like 60's when it's summer time. *wink*

    Congrats Darlene!

    Blessings, Jessica

  4. I don't think anyone wants to hear our warm it it here today so I'll just say the 8 is one of the numbers! Congrats to your lucky winner! She will be thrilled! Hugs!

  5. Yep looks like it was cold this morning. Bundle up. It will warm up soon. Congratulations to Darlene. :)

  6. You have my sympathy, it's freezing here in England too !


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