Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I am trying to be grateful for snow...we need it.
Last year we had none and I whined.
We have it this year and I am whining.
Summer will come and I will whine about the heat, and wish we had snow.
Snow is great when you don't have to go out in it.
I use to love the snow but cannot seem to warm up this year.
I think my thermostat is broken.
But I do love this tree because all the wood peckers hang out at the suet bar.
I run to get my camera because the red-haired wood pecker was there and I was not fast enough.
All the bird feeders are empty. 
 We have hungry (and sometimes angry) birds. 
 It doesn't take them long to eat us out of house and home. 
Now I have to go out into the snow to pick up kids from school.
Three coats, two pair of gloves, hat, scarf and my mukluks later and I am off.
Then I see all the kids in shorts walking to or from school.
Is it my age?
We have been here long enough to be acclimated.
Or so I think. 
OK, now I am rambling because I want to avoid the inevitable.
To the outside I GO, then while I am dressed I might as well shovel the walks.
Did I say I LOVE snow yet?!?
Hoping you are warm,


  1. Hi Barb, like me, never happy...to hot, to cold....Pretty pictures though, Blessings Francine.

  2. You can have it, Barb!! Not enough years in a century to EVER get me acclimated to something that cold! it sure is pretty though! I'm sure those birdies appreciate every morsel you get to them!
    Kids in SHORTS in the SNOW??? Seriously??!!

  3. We have snow too... and cold. Minus 22C right now. Keep warm!

  4. Send me some of your snow, it is almost record heat here, 84 today. Now that is just not right!!!! I would probably be freezing all the time too. Stay warm.

  5. Yes you did get some snow and yes you do need it. Stay warm. :)

  6. Oh Barb, you're such a normal gal like, haha! If we didn't whine, we wouldn't be normal now would we :) Aren't we so lucky we're forgiven for the whining we do. Oh woes me... lol. Keep warm!


  7. I like to have one nice snow. You know, the kind where school is cancelled for 1 or 2 days and its really quiet and pretty. But then it has to dry up and move on to spring immediately!

  8. Isn't it strange how we love the snow until it is covering the roads! Our little part of southeast MO hardly ever gets a big snow and for the past few years has gotten hardly any...not so this year, we have had 3 pretty good snows (one was 8"!!!) and it is lookin' like we may be getting a little more tonight. I have started painting spring stuff and am thing warm thoughts for me and you.



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