Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day complete with SNOW!!

Nothing  like going from 70+ degrees to white out snow storm today and back to mid 30's.
I do not think I am the only one that is "mental" nature comes to mind!
But on a GREAT note I was the winner of Becky's give away over at the Country Lane Folk Art Blog!
 She is a fabulous painter!!  
 Love this Pear.  Yes, she is so talented!  Once again photos do not do these pieces of art justice!
This is a little candy dish holder she had added Kisses too...but I was under stress and pretty much ate them all before I got to taking the photos!
Under stress you ask??? 
 My son is in the middle of working on his Eagle Scout project so it has been a bit time consuming and stressful.  
His project is to help the Utah State Veteran's Center help get their gardens ready to plant.  Then the Scouts will help the Veteran's plant the food that they eat at the center.
Now if the weather will cooperate we could get this going for them.
So if I am MIA for a bit I am up at the VA helping the Scouts get this underway.
Hope you are enjoying your MAY DAY!!


  1. Looks like the snow is still falling in a lot of the states around you. My daughter is in Minnesota and went from 70 to 30. Guess summer will never get here. I agree Becky's paintings are absolutely amazing! :)

  2. What a wonderful giveaway win Barb, congratulations! Hang in there girl, Spring HAS to arrive sometime, doesn't it?! What a wonderful project your son is involved in with the Scouts, there is no one who deserves help and support more than the veterans. Good on him and good on you for helping out, hope the weather smartens up soon so you can get those gardens in. Deb

  3. Hi Barb, that is beautiful painting, wow........Oh here too, woke to a dusting of the white stuff, Yuk, Francine.

  4. Still snowing! My goodness. Oh boy, I remember the boy scout days.
    Congratulations on your Folk Art win. I believe I'd of ate those candies lickity split too.


  5. Oh what talent!!! That candy dish is DIVINE!!! Good luck with the VA garden!

  6. Hi Barb! I'm so glad you liked your winnings! You're very lucky the chocolate actually *made* it to the candy dish! It was tempting me pretty badly! LOL Thanks for everyone for their kinds comments too!
    Good luck with the Eagle scout project.

  7. Nice win, they are wonderful! We too have been going from freezing to warm, it can't make up it's mind.


  8. Lovely pieces Barb. So nice of you son and the Eagle Scouts to do such a nice thing and for you to help too.


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